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New Jersey

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Why Choose AviAway?

AviAway is a full-service bird control provider. We offer services throughout the United States and Canada and service all bird species problems, from seagulls and sparrows to geese and turkey vultures. We perform custom inspections on your bird problem site and come up with a solution that will best exclude birds on your property. Request a free quote on our website or schedule a free bird control consultation with us, where you will talk to one of our bird control experts on how to best solve your bird problem.

Common New Jersey Pest Birds

Common Bird Problems in Bayonne

Nuisance Birds (Pigeons, Starlings, Sparrows)

The first major bird problem in Bayonne is nuisance birds, including pigeons, starlings, and sparrows. These types of birds like to find a source of food and nest nearby. Once they nest, the bird problems tend to increase. More birds, more bird droppings, and more bird noises. The key to solving nuisance bird infestation problems in Bayonne is removing the birds’ food sources and blocking off their nesting grounds with bird netting.


The next major bird problem in Bayonne is seagulls. Seagulls like to fly in from the ocean and find food sources left out by humans. These places include dumpster areas, food processing plants, and restaurants. The birds will often nest close to these locations; if they nest, the seagull problems increase. The best ways to stop a seagull problem in Bayonne are to block off the seagull’s food sources, install bird netting over their nesting grounds, and/or install seagull grid deterrent wire to stop flying birds from descending to surface level.

Tried and true solutions to all your bird control needs

Top bird control solutions for nuisance birds in Bayonne are removing the birds’ food sources and blocking off their nesting grounds with bird netting. Nuisance bird food sources include open trash containers, discarded food left on the ground, and food intentionally fed to the birds. Open trash containers should be replaced with closed ones, discarded food should be picked up as frequently as possible, and people should be reminded not to feed the birds. Next, bird nesting grounds should be netted off with bird netting. Birds like to nest in enclosed, covered places that shelter them from predators and the elements, like under solar panels, building rafters, and HVAC units. These types of areas can almost always be netted off with bird netting. If birds have already nested, your best bet is to call in a bird control company. A bird control company can move the birds safely and securely and install bird netting over nesting grounds afterward.

Our top recommendations for seagull problems in Bayonne are removing bird food sources, blocking off nesting grounds with bird netting, and installing seagull grid deterrent wire. Seagulls love taking food from human habitation and these aggressive birds can even take food out of peoples’ hands. The best ways to remove seagull food sources are to replace open trash containers (including dumpster areas) with closed trash containers, pick up discarded food frequently by staff, and remind people not to intentionally feed the birds. Seagull nesting grounds should also be netted off with bird netting. A bird control company can do this for you and can also get a permit to move the seagulls if the gulls have already nested. You can also install seagull grid deterrent wire, which is a series of wires spread across raised poles in a grid formation that blocks seagulls from descending down from the air onto the surface. Seagull grid deterrent wire is a great option for blocking gulls from descending onto restaurants, roofs, docks, and marinas.

Our bird control specialists are here for you. 

Give us a call and AviAway can help solve your bird control problem. We offer free consultations and can help you find the best way to approach your bird problem. Then, if you choose to move forward with us, we can work with you to design and implement a custom solution based on your architecture that will exclude birds for good.