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Bird Spikes - What Are They and What Do They Do?  

Bird spikes are a deterrent device to deter birds from unwanted areas.


Plastic Bird Spikes

These devices prevent birds from landing and roosting on surfaces by making it uncomfortable to land. They are usually made of plastic or metal and feature long, pointed spikes that deter birds. The spikes create an uncomfortable environment that birds will not want to sit on. Even if a bird manages to land underneath the spikes the confined area is not where birds want to be because it limits their ability to escape dangers.

Bird spike installation occurs on balconies, windowsills, ledges, gutters, and other surfaces where birds like to sit and land. These spikes prevent the birds from landing in certain areas. The birds will see these spikes and notice a difference, but once they try it once, they will not try again. Bird spikes are effective for keeping birds away from residential and commercial buildings.   


They are easy to install and maintain. The spikes may need to be cleaned, especially if birds try to land on them or from the weather elements. But these spikes can last for years without needing to be replaced. Bird spikes are also humane as they do not harm the birds but provide a deterrent that encourages them to find another place to perch. Seeing the metal spikes will make them think twice about landing in that location and spot. Bird spikes are a great way to keep birds away from your home or business without causing them any harm. They provide a safe and effective solution to controlling the bird population in your area. With proper installation and maintenance, bird spikes free your property from annoying and harmful birds. It is important to note that a professional installer should install these, as these can take some time to install correctly.    


Don't let birds damage your property with nesting and droppings. Keep them away to keep a clean area pleasant to the eye. Prevention is vital if you have already started to see various activities.   


Please contact AviAway Bird Control Services for your bird problems and needs. 


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