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Birds Falling from the Sky in Mexico

A viral video caught the attention of the internet when a flock of birds falling from the sky was caught on a security camera. The birds all fall together in a flock, hit the ground, and the majority of them fly away, but a significant proportion lay dead on the ground.

The event occurred on February 7, 2022. The birds were yellow-headed blackbirds flying in Chihuahua, Mexico. Residents of the town were surprised to see the mass of dead birds laying on the ground after the event.

Speculation abounds as to what caused the birds to fall out of the sky. Some experts believe it was a blackbird predator, like a falcon, that swooped out of the sky (off-camera) into the flock, causing them to pivot and fall.

Other experts believe it was toxic fumes or an electrical disturbance that caused the birds to fall out of the sky. Some conspiracy theorists speculate it was 5G-related.

Events like this are not altogether uncommon. A mass of thousands of birds fell out of the sky and died on New Year's Day in Arkansas in 2011. Birds like blackbirds fly in large flocks and follow the leader without observing their surroundings themselves. If the leader pivots into the ground, the rest of the flock goes with them.

Mass bird phenomena are visible throughout the world. In Denmark, the phenomenon "sol sort," or dark sun, occurs when people see flocks of starlings so big that the darkness of the flock appears to block out the sun.

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