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Methyl Anthranilate for Bird Control

When looking to deter birds from plants and crops, the subject of chemical repellents often comes up. What chemicals work best to deter birds from eating plants and crops?

Methyl anthranilate is often the best option for bird deterrent chemicals. Methyl anthranilate is the chemical found in grape flavoring, such as in grape Kool-Aid or other grape-flavored candies. Humans like the taste of it at small concentrations, but birds can't take the taste or smell of it even at low concentrations.

Methyl anthranilate is often the best solution when looking for a chemical bird repellent for a number of reasons. The first reason is that it repels birds. That's what we're using it for, after all. Birds experience a small pain sensation when they notice the taste or smell of the chemical and will avoid plants or crops treated with it after noticing this.

The next reason is that it is safe for humans. Humans can come into contact with methyl anthranilate and not experience any harmful side effects from it. This also applies to the fruits and crops treated with methyl anthranilate. Humans can eat them with no negative side effects. Despite being used in grape flavoring, the chemical also does not alter the taste of the fruit, crops, or any juices made with the crops.

This chemical is also safe for the earth and is considered earth-friendly.

There are a couple of ways to go about applying methyl anthranilate to areas in which you have a bird problem. The first way is to spray the liquid form of the chemical on treated areas. It can be sprayed on plants or any area that birds are congregating. This can be done through a spray bottle or any other device that can send the liquid material out into the treated location.

If applied through liquid spray, methyl anthranilate lasts 10-14 days. It is recommended to reapply it every ten days. It will not wash off with light-to-moderate rain, but at heavy rain volume it may wash off and need to be reapplied sooner.

Liquid methyl anthranilate can be bought online on bird control websites or can be supplied by a bird control company like AviAway applying the chemical to targeted areas.

The next way to apply methyl anthranilate is through fogging. In this scenario you would insert the methyl anthranilate liquid into a fogging machine and send out methyl anthranilate fog into the area. This is often less expensive than spraying the liquid form and can also be used to keep birds out of an entire area, like a patio or outdoor dining section, as opposed to the liquid form of the chemical, which is more often used for spraying on plants and crops.

Bird control foggers (sometimes called hazers) can be bought from bird control suppliers or installed by a bird control company.

Bird-Out Aromatic Repellant is a specific methyl anthranilate fogging application that uses bird fogging in a personal-use scenario. It's a small, refillable device that lets out small amounts of fog into a small area like a patio deck or outdoor barbecue to keep birds at bay. Bird-Out is sold by Bird B Gone online.

Methyl anthranilate deters a number of different birds. The receptors in birds that dislike the scent of the chemical are the same in almost all species, so it works for most bird problem scenarios.

It may take a couple of tries for birds to stop eating crops or gathering in areas being treated with methyl anthranilate. After a few attempts, however, birds will generally avoid eating the crops.

Birds that methyl anthranilate deters include starlings, seagulls, blackbirds, pigeons, barn swallows, house sparrows, crows, and geese. Most bird species will avoid this chemical upon encountering it.

There are a number of locations that would benefit from methyl anthranilate use. These include farms, airports, ponds, lakes, gardens, outdoor dining areas, and any other place birds congregate and gather.

Before you apply methyl anthranilate, check local and state laws or talk to a bird control company who can advise you on the best course of action for your specific situation.

Summary: When it comes to chemical bird repellents, methyl anthranilate is largely the best option. It is the same chemical as in Kool-Aid grape flavoring and, while birds dislike the scent and taste, it is ultimately harmless to birds, humans, and the earth.

Methyl anthranilate can be applied through liquid spray-on or through a fogging machine. It deters most bird species, including the most common pest birds like pigeons, starlings, and seagulls. It can find use in many different scenarios such as in farms, airports, lakes, outdoor dining areas, and more.

Benefits of Methyl Anthranilate:

  • Prevent Birds from Eating Crops and Agriculture

  • Increase Agricultural Yield

  • Less Birds Around

  • Cleaner Looking Property

  • Humane Bird Control Solution

If you have a bird problem, we can help. AviAway professionally installs bird control solutions for all bird species. We have 30+ years of experience in bird control and have performed work for companies like Amazon, Rite Aid, and the U.S. Postal Service. Click here or call 844-247-3373 to request a free bird control quote.

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