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Protect your Solar Panels from Birds with These Solutions

As technology advances, we see more and more residential solar panels, along with an increasing quantity of solar fields. Installing solar panels on roofs can significantly reduce one's carbon footprint and help the environment. Not only are solar panels a clean, renewable source of energy, but they can also lower your energy costs drastically. Unfortunately, these panels can also have unwanted effects, acting like a lighthouse beacon for birds. Birds see panels as an ideal nesting area, with the small access point underneath solar panels that protect them from predators.

The panels act as a sheltered bird sanctuary, as the flat, reflective surfaces allow for easy landing and accessibility. The brackets on the panels can serve as a nesting place for birds, and it is often tucked away and covered. The panels also act as an insulating material, keeping birds warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. This is a problem for homeowners and solar field operators. The birds can damage the panels and their wiring. Scratching the panels can lead to decreased output and function, and damaging the wiring can bring on problems like corrosion and power failures.

In the homeowner's case, the birds can damage the roof and make a filthy mess with the nesting material and feces. Roof shingles get ripped up, and suddenly, you have a damaged roof that needs repairs. If you repaired your roof right before you placed the panels on it, it would not be a pleasant discovery when you discover the damage caused after bird nesting.

In the field operators' case, some panels' problems can have widespread consequences depending on where the energy goes. A few down panels can be a sizeable and significant repair cost.

Solar panels are not only eco-friendly, but they are also economical. But, paying for constant damage from birds is not ideal. Solar panels are a long-term investment. So why not take care of this investment before any potential problems arise?

Prevention is possible. Some ways include; steel mesh, bird netting, and electric shock track. Each method is not the sole solution, as your individual problem requires a catered solution, but each of these has been proven to work.

Steel Solar Panel Mesh

Steel mesh can be used to close off certain areas of the panels, whether a 90-degree bracket gap or a small crevice that is hard to reach. The mesh can close off the area without affecting or harming the panels. Essentially shutting the birds' access points. Being that it is steel mesh it is durable and weatherproof.

Bird Netting

Bird netting can be used to net off whole solar fields or just a single roof. Bird netting is an exclusion device that will prevent birds' access to a location. It is scalable as you can close off hundreds of yards or just a few feet. But the key is that the birds cannot get in, land, and nest. This is a long-term solution, as netting is highly durable, with zipper access points for maintenance and repairs.

Shock Track

The next option could be an electric shock track. These tracks act as an electronic landing surface that gives the birds and this will train the birds very quickly to avoid landing. These tracks can be placed on the ledges near the panels to prevent any landing. These shocks will not harm the birds, but it will be bothersome enough for them to move locations.

These three options work for different areas and needs. Take care of your investment in your panels; they will take care of you for years. AviAway Bird Control Professionals can help with all of your bird exclusion needs and keep your solar panels bird-free. Call AviAway at 844-247-3373 or fill out our online form for a free consultation and quote.


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