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Global Bird Audit

A Sample of our Food Safety Audit Program 

Aviaway Food Safety Bird Audit Program 

Benefits of purchasing the FULL Bird Audit Program

Hey there it's Brett Madden from Aviaway Professional Bird Control Solutions!  I have a free sample of our Global Bird Audit Program (Flipbook Sample Above), that shows you our bird audit program and how it is designed to ensure your facility maintains a Bird Free environment. 

If you have been struggling with birds in your facility, low audit scores because of birds or product contamination, then you need this audit program because it will provide your facility with the following benefits:  

  • Not letting birds be the reason for failing an audit or low audit score

  • Plan of Action to keep facility bird free (interior and exterior)

  • Reduce likelihood of food or product contamination

  • Poor Sanitation Conditions from bird droppings and debris

  • Reduce chance of vectoring of bird droppings and slip and fall hazards

  • Reduce chance of fire from buildup of nesting materials in electrical areas

  • Establish Bird Removal Protocols & Systems

  • Scalability and Vertical Integration with current Pest Control Audit Programs


Just complete the required information below and you will be on your way to integrating our bird management audit program and maintaining a bird-free facility. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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