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You don't need to be an expert in bird control to earn money for bird work. Let us help you with your clients' bird problems, so you can focus on what you do best!


A Collaborative Bird Control Partnership

We are here to help. Partner with us on different levels based on your need, and adjust the level of support as needed. Our partnership referral program allows AviAway to provide you with various levels of project design, support, and delivery, that work best for both you and your clients.

Proven To Be Experts in Our Field

AviAway is an industry leader in the field of bird control. We have over 30+ years of experience servicing our clients that are experiencing problems with these pests, and can offer complete solutions to your clients as well!

Offering Nationwide Support

AviAway has a vast team of certified bird control specialists across the United States and Canada to provide complete bird control solutions for any size project.  We can be there in an instant to provide your clients with a valued service. Our program allows you to add value to your current client relationship to ensure that they don’t seek guidance from one of your competitors. 


With every referral, you get a percentage of the profits that would have gone to the other guys! You can do less and earn more by partnering with us on your latest bird control prospects. Contact AviAway Bird Control Services today to schedule a strategy session to better serve your client's bird problems. 

Learn More

Review of site photos

Development of various bird control options

Proposal drafting

AviAway provides all materials for the installation

AviAway provides all labor for the installation

AviAway will work under your brand name, also known as "your company Bird Division"

AviAway will handle all aspects of the installation

AviAway will handle all aspects of client management

You earn a percentage of the job upon completion

Complete Turn-Key

AviAway also offers a consulting-level option for companies who want their own bird control division, but don't know where to start. If you would like more information on either of these tiers, schedule a strategy session below.



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