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Complete bird control solutions
from design to installation.

We can solve any bird problem

AviAway offers bird control services to rid your home or business of all pest birds. Our bird control experts will perform an inspection and then provide you with personalized solutions based on the type and severity of your problem in order to eliminate birds completely and stop the issue from happening again! 

Call AviAway today to perform a bird control inspection and eliminate your bird problem permanently.

Bird Species ID

Our experts get the job done right the first time

A seagull problem is different from a vulture problem. Every pest bird has different control methods for excluding the target bird. Some bird control methods, like bird netting, work for all types of pest birds regardless of the size of the bird or its habitat. Other bird control methods require knowing what bird species we are dealing with in determining an action plan and control method. Our bird control experts can determine the exact species you are dealing with and the best ways to exclude those birds.



Knowing what species of pest bird we are dealing with helps save the client money. While exclusion-based products will correct every bird problem in a commercial or residential building, these methods are also the most costly. Suppose a client is only having issues with seagulls. In that case, a budget-friendly bird control method like bird wire or sound deterrents solves the problem with equal efficiency. 

bird on fence.jpg


While evaluating each bird problem, species is an important factor, as larger or flocking birds are going to require different control methods than smaller species. Bird spikes in particular could cause a bird problem to escalate if this isn't evaluated, as smaller species can nest more easily between bird spikes, turning what was supposed to be a bird deterrent into an advantage for them!



Certain species, like grackles or starlings, are similar in size and appearance, but their behavior towards bird control is very different. Starlings can often be controlled with more basic methods, while grackles are too intelligent for certain methods like scare tactics to work on their own. In these cases, a more specific or in-depth control method may be needed.

Bird in hand.jpg

Effective bird deterrent systems for all industries

It is essential to know the specific steps we must take at each project to ensure the lifelong integrity of the bird deterrent without risk to structures. AviAway offers penetrating and non-penetrating substrate solutions and solutions for all specific project needs. We are here for you. 

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The AviAway Advantage

Our experts will eliminate your bird problem the first time around. 



Years of experience in bird control solutions



Years of product life expectancy



Up to

reduction in bird activity on site

Your trusted name in bird control solutions

We are experienced and certified to provide bird control services throughout various industries, spanning from residential to historical to construction sites. Whether you need to prevent birds from nesting under solar panels or keep them away from a pier or marina, we are here for you. When looking for someone to assist with your bird control needs, regardless of location, look no further. 

Industries We Sevice
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No matter where you may be experiencing bird-related problems, we can deliver superior service designed specifically for your needs.

For Existing Bird Problems:

Nesting and roosting are two major factors when determining the correct Bird Control System for an existing bird problem. To know what to do, you should first check if they're nesting or roosting on your property! Common areas you will notice pest birds include the canopy, deck railings, rooftop, parking garage, parapet, knee wall, and related areas.

Nesting Behaviors & Solutions:

  • If birds have been a problem for a while, they will have likely nested at the site.

  • Nesting can be assumed if there are evidence of eggs or heavy nesting materials (bird droppings or straw-like nests) in concentration. 


Bird exclusion products such as bird netting and ledge exclusion (AviAngle) are the only products that will eliminate your pest bird problem.  You only want to use bird exclusion products because if the birds have previously nested, they already deemed the area a safe space, and will in most cases completely ignore any deterrents installed.

Once nesting has occurred, bird deterrent-based products will typically NOT work.

Roosting / Landing & Solutions

  • If the pest birds have NOT nested, traditional bird deterrent-based products can be utilized. 


  • Typical bird deterrent products can include bird spikes, bird wire, sound units, visual deterrents, and electrified shock tracks.  These are landing-based deterrent products that are designed to deter most pest bird species such as pigeons, seagulls, and sparrows from landing in various areas.

  • Common bird landing areas are usually ledge-based areas, such as:

  • building ledges

  •  façade sign letters

  •  sign raceways

  •  rooftops

  •  HVAC equipment

  •  other related areas. 

  •  pipes

  •  beams

  •  roof ridges

  •  parapets

  •  knee walls


We are constantly striving to provide the most effective custom solutions we all need for bird control. Some of our most effective and sought after solutions can be found below. 

Amazon Delivery Station

Amazon Delivery Station Netting

We have years of expertise providing netting installation to warehouses and major commercial structures, with consistent results proven to last 20+ years.

AviAway is the trusted name when it comes to bird control. The company has decades of experience in providing products for new construction projects, including Amazons and other warehouses that require exclusion devices to be installed on-site during the construction process.

With this prior experience comes the knowledge we need to assist in any new similar project, without speed bumps from delayed support you may have when working with a less experienced bird control installer. 

If you are working on a new construction project, and have been wondering how to successfully exclude birds from your new building for good--consider the following:

  • Is there an existing bird problem that you need to address?


  • Does the new construction project specify the installation of certain bird control products?

  • The construction plans and specifications will typically provide all of the necessary details for new construction projects to determine the scope of work and what bird products are to be installed. 

  • In most cases, the manufacturer of the specified bird product will provide the acceptable installation methods for the bird product specified to be installed. 

  • Installation of bird spikes, bird netting, bird wire, electrified shock track, or ledge exclusion (AviAngle) are typical bird control products that will be specified as Division 10 Bird Control 10 81 13  Bird Control Devices.

Amazon building exterior
Amazon canopy bird netting

Bird Control Systems for New Construction Projects

Pond netting.webp

Pond Exclusion Netting

Custom pond netting bird exclusion will outperform a one size fits all approach every time.

Complete pond netting design and build

Our pond netting services include complete design and fabrication of mounting bases and all heavy-duty hardware to ensure that your pond netting system will provide complete year-long protection from birds and other forms of wildlife.  

Water Contamination


Bird droppings and other debris left in bodies of water can create environmental issues and increased levels of fecal matter throughout the body of water.  Bird fecal matter contains various pathogens and harmful parasites.  By permanently excluding the birds from being able to land in the water, the water will be protected from bird feces and related contaminants.  

Our pond netting systems are engineered and designed to provide complete bird exclusion to ensure that birds don’t impact and interrupt your business operations because of contaminated water.  Bird netting your pond or basin is a long-term permanent bird solution.   


Equipment Security


Our pond netting is designed to endure the harshest of weather conditions.  By installing bird netting over your pond, birds will not be able to enter the water body and cause damage by leaving various debris and nesting materials in the water that may clog filters and machinery.  The netting barrier ensures that machinery and your business operations will continue seamlessly without interruption due to pest birds in your pond or basin.

Pond netting
Pond netting
Seagull Control Grid Wire

Seagull Control Grid Wire System

Proven to be the most effective method for resolving any seagull pest bird problems, our seagull deterrent system uses safe, physical barriers to keep these pests away from your property.

Seagull Control: Stop The Damage Before It Happens

Where It Can Be Used:

AviAway provides complete design and installation of Seagull Control Systems grid wire systems for:

  • commercial rooftops

  • flat roofs 

  • green grass rooftops

  • marinas

  • boating docks

  • solar farms

  • solar panel rack systems

  • warehouses

  • shopping malls

  • ponds

  • water bodies

  • outdoor dining

  • industrial buildings

  • food processing plants

  • And more!  

The No-Fly Zone

Seagulls need to have open space when they land on rooftops or peaks.  Seagulls like these types of areas because they can easily search for food and watch out for predators.  If there are any types of obstacles in the seagull flight take-off path, seagulls will not land in these areas.  Our Seagull Grid Wire System is designed to ensure that if the Seagulls fly over your roof or problem areas, they just keep flying due to the restricted flight path.  We essentially create a No Fly Zone over your space that will continue to provide a Seagull-free environment.  

seagull grid wire deterrence

Easy To Install Seagull Control System

Our Seagull Grid Wire system has been perfected over many years of design improvements.  We have various grid wire pole models for flat roofs with no penetrations, parapet wall-mounted poles, solar rack-mounted poles, and metal standing seam roof bracket poles.  We have a full fabrication facility that allows AviAway to make any pole adjustments that may be required for your specific Seagull project.  

seagull grid wire deterrence pole

The Seagull Grid Wire System is wired with either a stainless steel nylon coated cable or kevlar cord.  We have a proprietary wiring diagram that has been perfected over many years of installations.  Once installed, our grid wire system will keep your rooftop and property seagull free.


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