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Architect Services

AviAway has the knowledge to ensure any new construction project's bird control requirements are met efficiently and effectively.


Common problems arising from unaddressed bird problems


Health Hazards


Fire Hazards


Structural Damage


Costly Repairs

AviAway's complete bird control solutions:


Stop new buildings from being immediately damaged by bird droppings. Don't give these feathered fiends even a chance at finding a new roosting spot. The best way to ensure your building will have lifetime protection from birds is by protecting it from the start. 


Professional bird control project design for architects


Aviaway installs bird netting, bird spikes, bird wire, electrified shock track and bird deterrent devices for new construction projects, Division 10 Specialties SIC 10 20 90 bird control and (CSI Format) 10 81 13 specification bird control.


We work with general contractors and architects at various stages of the construction process regarding bird control systems.  We offer consulting services, specification drafting, site assessment, and bird control planning and design build-out bird control services.

Why AviAway is your go-to provider

AviAway has worked alongside contractors and architects on many angles regarding bird control specs. We know the ins and outs of what is needed to ensure bird control installations are effective in both cost and bird elimination. 

Many new construction projects don't want the new building or site to be immediately muddled with unappealing visuals of improperly installed or bulky control methods. Our materials used are sleek and low visibility to allow the architechture to steal the spotlight while still in line with bird control requirements. 

aviaway new construction.jpg


We offer a number of control methods for architects to use to ensure the best and most effective control solution is used in each project. Below are the most commonly used control methods for new construction projects.

Bird Netting


For all areas that birds may attempt to gain access to, like entry points, overhangs or in between posts, bird netting is the most effective choice of control solution as it completely excludes birds from entering, rather than just deterring them. Our netting is UV and weather-resistant for a long durable lifespan.



For perching areas outside, such as roofs and window ledges, bird spikes are a common solution requested by architects as it is simple to install, and in most cases is non-penetrating. It is also weather-resistant and can last for years to come with minimal maintenance. 


Bird Wire.jpg


In scenarios where a low visibility solution is required, rather than bird spikes, often bird wire is used. Easy to install and equally effective to bird spikes, this eliminates the unappealing visual of spikes and requires slightly less maintenance. 




We've had many projects over the years and each one has allowed us to further hone our abilities to provide the most effective and efficient holistic solution for the project. With our top 2 control methods architects use being bird netting and bird spikes, we have many reference projects showing the efficacy of these materials. Click on the below links to view the projects that we have installed bird control methods in. 

  • Bird Netting for Amazon Canopy

  • Bird Netting for Amazon Overhead

  • Bird Netting for Bridges (Example One)

  • Bird Netting for Bridges (Example Two)

  • Bird Netting for Convention Center Loading Dock

  • Bird Netting for Condo Balconies

  • Bird Netting for Parking Garage

  • Bird Netting for Petroleum Fueling Plant

  • Bird Netting for Ponds, Basins, and Fish Hatcheries 

  • Bird Netting for Warehouse Bays

  • Bird Netting for HVAC Units

  • Bird Netting for Pavilions


  • Bird Spikes for Bridge 

  • Bird Spikes for Knee Wall Shopping Center 

  • Bird Spikes for Facade Signage

  • Bird Spikes for Canopy 

  • Bird Spikes for Ledges


Your trusted name in bird control solutions

We are experienced and certified to provide bird control services throughout various industries, spanning from residential to historical to construction sites. When looking for someone to assist with your bird control needs, regardless of location, look no further. Should you need consulting on what control method would be best for your new construction project, our bird control specialists are here to assist you. 

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