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AviAway is the only bird control company to offer holistic, customized solutions for any size bird problem. With our fast and efficient installation process, you can be bird free in no time!

Types Of Bird Control

We Can Take on Any Problem

Discuss what your bird problem is, how long you have had the problem, and any other information we may ask to provide you with the best solution for your specific issue.

Our certified bird control specialists will evaluate all information gathered, including inspection if needed, and determine based on all factors what the best course of action is.

Once a satisfactory solution has been devised, our qualified technicians will arrive at a scheduled date and time to install solution  quickly and efficiently

Other Deterrents

These include a range of products, from ones that don't require much setup and are mildly effective, such as taste or visual deterrents, and deterrents that are more involved, such as sound units or laser deterrents. These are the least effective because they are more dependent on fearful behavior that not all birds exhibit. 

Standard Deterrents

Deterrent-based bird control involves installing a product that makes it difficult for birds to land or roost in the desired area. Some of these control methods include tension wire, bird spikes, shock tracks, and others. This type of control is moderately effective but varies based on which bird species is being targeted.

Exclusion Based

Exclusion-based bird control involves putting up a protective barrier type product that prevents birds from gaining entry into the desired area. This includes netting and ledge modification and is almost always the most effective type of bird control method. 

Get more information on which bird control method might work for you.

Reach out to us, and let's discuss all details! These methods work for all types of projects, from commercial to residential, historical to new construction. We have the solutions you need for anything bird related. 

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Exclusion Based Bird Control