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Our Solutions


Based upon our inspection and your answers to the questions above, we will determine exactly what bird control method will rid you of your pigeon problem and implement it quickly and efficiently. We use many different methods of bird control so that we can ensure you are getting exactly the type of control you need. Select the options below if you are interested in learning more about the control methods we use.

Pigeon Control

Pigeon Control Professionals

You do not want to deal with a serious pigeon crisis on your own and hiring a professional bird control company can be your best bet to get the whole thing resolved as quickly as possible. These birds are very intelligent and stubborn and are not as easy to fool or get rid of as some other bird species might be.  The damage caused by pigeons runs into the tens of millions of dollars each year and it can cost individuals more than they can afford. This is one reason why we focus on every aspect of bird control and can help you save a lot of money in the long run.

It takes time and the proper methods to get rid of pigeons and keep them from coming right back. We know how to perform bird control techniques and can save you a lot of time and effort. Since it can be harmful to try to deal with pigeons and their droppings on your own, you should hire professional help to get things handled in a timely and safe fashion.  We can discuss our process with you and answer your questions and concerns. A pigeon problem should not be taken lightly or left to take care of itself. The potential damage and health risks are too great to let pigeons run wild on your home and we can help stop the problem before it gets any bigger.

We think about what you need when developing a custom plan for your pigeon problem. We take several factors into consideration, inlcuding:

  • ​How long has the pigeon problem been going on?

  • How many pigeons, and how big is the problem area?

  • Do they have a food or water source nearby?

  • Are there any mechanical or structural problems allowing a food or water source to develop?

  • Are the pigeons nesting, loafing, or roosting?

  • Is heavy nesting causing fire hazards?

  • Do surrounding buildings also have a bird problem?

  • Are there bird droppings along walkways or parking areas?

  • Are there any liability issues due to the pigeon infestation?

About Pigeons

Pigeons represent a large family of birds that are found all around the world. These creatures have been around for thousands of years and have earned respect for their assistance in delivering military messages in times of war and their contribution to special ceremonies. Unfortunately, pigeons also have a reputation for causing a lot of problems and issues for people in their everyday lives. Today, feral pigeons find the ledges of tall buildings just as good as the cliffs that they used to inhabit. They have become adapted to urban areas, and a very large number of them can be found in towns and cities throughout the world. 






Common Names: 




Paloma Domestica 

Rock Dove, Pigeon,

Feral Pigeon, Common Pigeon

Sometimes these birds can cause a minor annoyance and just leave you with a little extra cleaning to do. There are other times when pigeons cause so many problems that you need extra help to deal with them and that’s where we come in.

About Pigeons