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Starlings and the Problems They Can Cause

The Starling is a bird that can cause a lot of trouble to farmers and homeowners alike. The bird originates from Europe and is known in to be mentioned in the writings of one of the great authors of our time, Shakespeare. The starling looks like a blackbird and is often seen in big flocks or swarms with these animals.

The starling is known to cause more trouble to society than any other bird. The habits of a starling that are very well known is that they travel in large flocks with other birds. The primary bird that flies in large flocks with the starling is the black bird. This flock of birds can be into the thousands.

These birds can become a large burden to anyone owning a house, barn, orchard, and farm and even in urban areas they can cause numerous problems. When you have a big problem with them nesting in or around your property you need a bird control professional who can help you easily get rid of these pest irritating birds. With these being one of the most troublesome pest birds, you need someone that has experience dealing with these birds. A bird control professional can save you time and money and make sure that your bird problem is resolved correctly the first time.

Bird Damage 

The damage these birds can cause is notorious. Starlings are especially damaging to farmers every year. Farmers can lose whole fields of crops costing thousands of dollars. The starlings travel in such large flocks and can attack and eat all kinds of fruits that the farmer has planted. The farmer can lose his entire crop to these thieves. The overall damage to farms can be in the millions.  The starling is known to roost in big flocks near an agricultural field of berries or other large fruits. The troublesome birds then feast on the fields of fruit leaving you with big financial losses. Get a professional today to help you chase all these birds away.

The starlings also are known to nest in small openings or nooks of barns, roof tops and vents leading into the house. Rural and home dwellers aren't the only victims of these birds. They are known to flock to urban areas with clumps of trees in the warmer periods of the year. They also inhabit urban buildings and structures causing all kinds of problems. Starlings flock to nooks and crannies of structures to make nests for the colder months. Large flocks of starlings can also be trouble to your urban structure creating loud noises, defecation leading to transfer of disease and other health related diseases. Bird problems can mount fast so you need a wildlife professional to help you rid of these potentially disease causing birds. They are a kind of mischievous and inconsiderate organisms, once they enter a building have been permitted to remain undisturbed for any length of time.   Prevent serious contamination and damage to your property with a removal professional.

Dangerous Health Conditions

This species is particularly dangerous to causing diseases passed on through the large number of bird droppings. Since the starling is known to be in large flocks this magnifies the danger.

Viruses can be transferred to livestock on a farm and from one animal to the next. The diseases are transferred from the large number of feces from the starlings. This can be a major problem for the agricultural community. All the workers and animals can become infected with this virus. The agricultural community needs to be prepared to keep this from happening. Contact a bird control professional in this area of expertise.

Another type of illness associated with these birds is a fungus that can develop from underneath the nesting animals in public settings. The spores in the soil underneath the nest can develop this fungus that leads to this disease passing airborne and infecting people. The disease can even become fatal in some people.

With these disease-ridden birds making its little home around your house and in public places the chances are increased in contacting a disease of some kind. If you have any of these problems make sure to get rid of the nuisance birds today by contacting the experts in removing them from your property. Other diseases that starlings cause are e-coli and salmonella through contamination of live animals. The bird’s frequent areas where the animals live and end up contaminating their food. This is another reason the starlings need to be removed from living in areas around agricultural animals.

Also, their droppings constitute a major problem as well. Beside the fact that these droppings litter and saturate the environment with unpleasant and offensive odors, they contain toxic deposits (high concentration of chemicals) that are harmful landscapes. 

Another unacceptable feature of the Common Starlings is that they are carriers of several diseases and parasites that are dangerous to both humans, livestock, and food product. Some of these diseases include the notorious Newcastle disease that infects poultry, Cryptococci, Salmonellosis, Blastonycosis and Histoplasmosis. They are associated with some fungal and protozoan diseases like toxoplasmosis and they can transmit gastroenteritis to pigs. Research has also proven that fowl pox (poultry) can be spread by Starlings as well as other livestock diseases.  They can also introduce sources of some pests and insects, such as beetles, hen fleas, bird lice, ticks, bedbugs, mites etc.

Control Options Strategies

The best way to make sure you don’t have any of these problems is to hire a professional bird exclusion expert who deals with this every day. Bird management professionals can help you manage and eliminate all your bird related problems. Bird control experts have experience in the field of controlling infestations of these birds in your agricultural areas, public places, and buildings along with around your house.

Starling Control Methods


  • Installation of ½” or ¾” bird netting in affected areas

  • Building modification and alteration

  • Hardware cloth mesh screening

  • Sounds Units (various options)

  • Visual Scare Devices (various options)

  • Electrified Track Systems (depending upon areas)

  • Food and water source reduction

  • Thermal Fogging of Trees

When determining a starling control plan, it is important to take several factors into consideration: 


  • How long has the bird problem been going on for?

  • How large is the problem area?

  • Are there trees and landscaping near the home or building that is contributing to the bird problem?

  • How much will it cost to resolve the bird problem?

  • How many birds are acceptable (threshold)?

  • What type of damage are the birds causing?

  • Are the birds creating a health issue?

  • Are there droppings accumulating?

  • Are the birds nesting inside the home or building?

  • Are there any liability issues due to the bird infestation?

These intrusive starlings can cause lots of problems when nesting around your house. They will hide in a nook near your home. These large flocking birds can create lots of noise and also cause lots of diseases. The birds contaminate your dwelling by dumping loads of fecal matter where you can end up inhaling it. Let us seek out these nesting creatures around your house and get rid of them for good.

Don’t waste too much time with these noisy and filthy creatures.  Whatever your problem is with dealing with these pest birds contact us today and we help you solve all of your bird problems, bird exclusion, bird dropping removal, bird nesting problems and ensure complete satisfaction.  Don’t take any chances contact us and we can help you today. 

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