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Commercial and Industrial Pond Netting

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Bird Exclusion pond netting is installed to permanently exclude pest birds and other wildlife from Fish Hatchery Ponds, Retention Ponds, Detention Ponds, Airport Runoff Basins, Evaporation Ponds, Tailing Ponds, Frac Pits, Leach Basins, Mining Basins, and other types of water collection ponds, basins or pits.  Bird netting creates a physical bird barrier that will safely and humanely exclude birds and pest wildlife from landing and roosting on the water.  AviAway will design and install your pond or basin netting system tailored to exclude the pest birds and animals that you are experiencing.

Water Contamination  

Bird droppings and other debris left in bodies of water can create environmental issues and increased levels of fecal matter throughout the body of water.  Bird fecal matter contains various pathogens and harmful parasites.  By permanently excluding the birds from being able to land in the water, the water will be protected from bird feces and related contaminants.  

Our pond netting systems are engineered and designed to provide complete bird exclusion to ensure that birds don’t impact and interrupt your business operations because of contaminated water.  Bird netting your pond or basin is a long-term permanent bird solution.   

Bird Pond Netting
Bird Pond Netting
Bird Pond Netting

Complete Pond Netting Design and Build

Our pond netting services include complete design and fabrication of mounting bases and all heavy-duty hardware to ensure that your pond netting system will provide complete year-long protection from birds and other forms of wildlife.  

Equipment Damage

Our pond netting is designed to endure the harshest of weather conditions.  By installing bird netting over your pond, birds will not be able to enter the water body and cause damage by leaving various debris and nesting materials in the water that may clog filters and machinery.  The netting barrier helps ensure that machinery and your busines operations will continues seamlessly without interruption due to pest birds in your pond or basin.

Bird & Wildlife Exclusion

Bird netting will permanently block and exclude pest birds from landing in ponds, basins, and related bodies of water.  Our bird netting ranges from ¾” mesh for small birds up to 4” for larger pest birds.  Installing pond netting to exclude and prevent pest birds and wildlife from bodies of water is a long-term permanent bird solution. 

Call AviAway Bird Services to design and install your pond or basin bird netting system today.

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