How Sonic and Ultrasonic Sound Units Will Deter Birds

When bird problems are starting to take place, sonic and ultrasonic sound units are a possible starting point to attempt to deter pest birds from the area before them starting to nest.  Birds who have decided to make a nuisance of themselves by destroying homes and gardens need to be driven away before they can cause any more damage.


These birds can also cause damage to various structures if they are not driven away promptly. Not only do their droppings cause unpleasant odors and lead to unwanted cleanup tasks but their presence can also lead to the spread of disease if they are not removed quickly.


For those who are looking to solve this problem humanely, sonic and ultrasound sound units are a wonderful way to deter birds from coming onto the property in the future. While there is nothing wrong with contacting a bird control company when this problem has become too big to deal with, preventive medicine is always key in situations like these.


There is no need to harm or kill these innocent birds who have found their way into our lives. Sonic and ultrasound sound units work equally well on a variety of bird species as well. This provides home and business owners with the assistance that they need to make the right decisions going forward.

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Installation of a sound unit to deter seagulls from an open area next to landfill and body of water.

Bird Deterrent Option

After all, we will never have to contact a bird control company if these pests are not given a chance to head to our properties in the first place. Sound deterrent technology has come a long way, and now some machines are designed to deal with different breeds of the bird as they arrive.


For example, each different machine on the marketplace comes with its soundboard that allows owners to target the specific issues that they are facing. This is a godsend to those who have attempted to handle the issue on their own and had yet to achieve all their objectives in this regard.


Whether you need sonic and ultrasonic sound units that allow for the targeting of specific bird species or you are looking for something that has more general settings that will keep a wide range of species at bay, there is no shortage of options available. Speak to our bird control professionals if you have any further questions about which systems are best for you.


The difference between the sonic and ultrasonic sound units is that with the sonic units you can hear the actual sounds produced by the unit.  Whereas with the ultrasonic units, the sounds are not audible to the human hearing.  They are designed so that only birds will be able to hear the sounds that are produced by the units.  So depending upon the desired location, this variable may impact what type of unit is selected. 

The bird calls are broadcast over a set of speakers at certain intervals, and this causes the pest birds to experience second thoughts about tampering with your property. The calls of various birds of prey are broadcast as needed, and this causes the birds 'fight or flight' instincts to kick in.


If you are looking to remove pest birds from an expansive area, you will need the right sonic and ultrasonic sound units to do so.


The sounds units are available in both 110volt or solar powered units.  Both are ideal for open spaces depending upon your power source availability.  Even if the owner of the property has several acres of land that they are looking to protect, both units are more than capable of getting the job done.


Both machines are equipped with settings that address night time and daytime concerns. Thanks to the LCD panel, they are easily programmable, and you do not need a certain level of skill to utilize them. These units are also constructed from the finest and most durable materials so that they can withstand any weather conditions that take place.


On the other hand, there are some who may require sonic and ultrasonic sound units that are equipped to protect much smaller locations. The sonic units are a good deterrent in those instances, and this unit even offers additional protection from various other pests that have a habit of making their way onto your property.

Easy Bird Deterrent Device

This bird repellent is as versatile as they come, and you will be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your yard is always safe. There is no reason to wait for a pest bird infestation to take place when helpful products like these exist.


These machines are designed to do what the average home and business owner cannot. Even with our best efforts, we are not going to be able to appeal to a bird's auditory senses once they have begun to roost. That's why we must create a sense of danger so that they will be motivated to leave before causing any damages.


These sonic and ultrasonic sound units are easy to find and simple to install. Their machines are volume controlled, and the calls have been naturally recorded for a maximum level of effectiveness.


Conditioning the behavior of pest birds may seem like a pipe dream, but with the use of these units, this dream can become a feasible reality. These units rely on the use of scientific research to do their job, and there is no need to worry about cumbersome noise. Property managers and homeowners can use settings that keep passerby from hearing any additional sounds. With units like these available, pest birds are now prevented from acclimating to new areas.


Aviaway Professional Bird Control can provide you with a free evaluation of your home or building to help determine the best sound or ultrasonic sound unit that will best help remedy your specific bird problem.