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Bird Dropping Removal & Clean Up Services

While birds might be beautiful creatures of flight, the droppings that they leave behind are not nearly as beautiful. As a matter of fact, these droppings carry many dangers, besides their utter lack of aesthetic appeal. Bird droppings can cause a number of issues when they are not handled in a timely manner and a lack of regulation can lead to very dire consequences.


The droppings that birds leave behind must be taken care of in a timely, efficient manner. In addition to the inherent dangers associated with the accumulation of animal fecal matter, there are also numerous health concerns. It is gravely important to follow the proper clean-up procedures so that these dangers and concerns can be avoided. Read on in order to learn more.

The Dangers of Bird Droppings

Even though most people would probably consider bird droppings to be a minor inconvenience at worst, there are many elements that cause these seemingly innocent droppings to pose a great level of danger to the unaware. Bird droppings are much more acidic than many people realize and when these droppings are allowed to linger over long periods of time, this can cause serious damage to personal property, including homes and automobiles.


Bird droppings that collect on rooftops can eventually eat through the protective barriers that keep your home safe from weather damages, causing your utility bills to skyrocket and necessitating costly home repairs. When bird droppings are not taken care of and removed immediately, properties decay much more rapidly.

The presence of bird droppings is also a neon sign that invites more pests and parasites to the party. Once these parasites have made a home within the droppings, it is only a matter of time before they make their way into adjacent homes and offices.


All it takes is an open window for flies and other pests to make their way indoors and serve as a catalyst for the spread of disease and the need for a professional exterminator. By keeping residential and business areas clear of bird droppings, these parasites are left with nowhere to go.  Droppings can also cause damage to workplace machinery, as the acids that they contain lead to unsafe working conditions. When droppings are not removed from machinery, this can also cause the machines to stop functioning properly.

Health Concerns

Birds are filthy creatures who are ridden with numerous diseases, which only serves to make their droppings all the more dangerous when they are not disposed of in a timely fashion. If bird droppings are not removed, this can cause disease to spread like wildfire. Parasites are also drawn to areas with copious droppings, increasing the risk of disease exponentially.

Bird droppings can also seep into nearby water reservoirs, contaminating the water supply for large populations. When a bird's droppings are not disposed of properly and remain on the ground or the side of buildings and automobiles, the dust particles that they contain will become airborne.

Once the particles (fecal spores) are airborne, humans have very little recourse. These particles are ingested unknowingly and can lead to severe health issues. Since the lungs are an especially moist region of the body, ingestion of particles can turn a person's lungs into an area that is filled with infection.


Workplaces are especially susceptible to health concerns related to bird droppings, because open wounds can develop without the person's knowledge. If bird droppings are to come into contact with an open sore, this can lead to a serious infection.

The parasites that accompany birds also tend to stay behind if there are unclean areas for them to roost in. These parasites find their way inside of homes and businesses and cause additional health concerns, including major safety risks for staffs and residents alike.

Importance of Proper Clean Up Procedures

Even if there are not many details currently available to people as it relates to the cleaning of bird droppings and the importance of doing so, the sharing of information can foster a greater understanding of the topic.

By cleaning up bird droppings in a proper manner, a home or business can limit their risk factors for disease and infection and ensure a safe environment for all those who enter and exit each day. Bird droppings essentially function as a silent killer and those who pass them every day are not always aware of their inherent danger.


Clean up procedures are important because of their ability to limit the spread of bacteria, as well. If bird droppings are allowed to sit outside for long periods of time, they begin to mix with the elements and become even harder to detect. This is especially true in areas that receive a great deal of precipitation.

Bird droppings are rich in nutrients, which allow bacteria and parasites to thrive and procreate at rapid rates. In cases where bird droppings are left for months at a time, the nutrients continue to accumulate, making for an even more fertile breeding ground.


When you are struggling with the dangers of bird droppings, have become concerned about the health risks involved, and are unfamiliar with the importance of proper clean up procedures, be sure to enlist professional help to keep this common issue under control.

Homes and business are constantly under siege and unless the correct measures are taken, the bird dropping problem will only continue to persist. While small accumulations can be washed away with a simple mix of soap and water, larger buildups require the assistance of professionals to ensure maximum safety.

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