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Residential Services

AviAway has the knowledge you need to ensure any residential building or structure remains bird free.


Stop birds from accessing your home


Birds can become a problem for residential homes, complexes, apartments, condo associations, townhouses and related structures.  With the health risks of droppings and potential damages, there are many ways these feathered fiends can cost you down the line. If you start seeing birds consistently on or around your property, it might be time to implement some simple control methods to protect your home from any future damage. 


The longer birds stay in any area, the more difficult and costly it is to eliminate the problem.

Common problems arising from long-term bird problems on residential roofs


Health Hazards


Fire Hazards


Structural Damage

AviAway's complete rooftop solutions:


Whether you have had a bird problem for months or if you are only just noticing a few birds you want to keep away, we have a solution that will work for you. After careful inspection and prior projects for residential roofs, we will offer one of the following control methods. Click to learn more. 



Bird problems on rooftops are a common occurrence and if left alone for long enough, the weight of bird droppings can cause the roof to bow inwards. This can cause any number of future problems and should be taken care of before this happens. 

Instead of the cost of replacing a full roof, in addition to the potential return of these birds after the repair, control methods like bird spikes and bird wire are easy and affordable ways to deter these birds from landing on residential roofs and can eliminate much of the problem immediately. 

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Canopies and overhangs offer a perfect roosting spot for many bird species, and if not addressed can quickly become a problem spot for apartments, homes, and condos. 

With our humane and non-damaging control methods, you'll never have to worry about the problems having birds around will cause. Having birds so close to a common area puts you at high risk for the diseases and parasites carried in bird droppings and nesting material. The safest solution is to deter them from your home and let them nest in trees where they are a danger to no one. 


Common problems caused by long-term bird problems for canopies


Health Hazards


Structural Damage


Costly Repairs

AviAway's complete canopy solutions:


Bird control solutions for canopies are easy to install and will eliminate the majority of the problem immediately after installation. Don't wait on bird control another day, and reach out to our specialists who can guide you towards the solutions you need.


Common problems arising from long-term bird problems on decks and balconies


Health Hazards


Costly Repairs


Structural Damage