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AviAway has the knowledge you need to ensure any commercial building or structure remains bird free.


Stop birds from accessing your commercial structures


Commercial structures are often the target of birds, as they have large flat roofs for roosting and nesting, and some exterior areas can go unobserved long enough that birds can turn it into quite a problem area before anyone notices. With the health of employees at risk and structural integrity a large concern in these situations, it is important that bird problems are addressed as soon as possible.


The longer birds stay in any area, the more difficult and costly it is to eliminate the problem.

Common problems arising from long-term bird problems in big box stores


Health Hazards


Fire Hazards


Structural Damage


Poor Reputation



Big Box retail stores can experience bird problems on a variety of levels. Birds can be a problem on the exterior and interior of the facility. On the exterior, birds can infest canopies, loading docks, rooflines, façade signs, rooftops, landscaping, and related areas.  All the traditional bird exclusion and control measures can be used to remedy these problem areas.  

In addition to experiencing exterior bird problems, Big Box retailers often get birds that enter the facility.  These birds can become a problem with the accumulation of bird droppings on products and can create health hazards.  Aviaway protects several Big Box Stores from birds and the damage that they can cause. 


Depending upon the type of retail establishment that is experiencing a problem with pest birds, the bird control strategy may vary considerably.  Retail industries can vary from office buildings, food retailers, gas stations, storage/industrial complexes, and other retail operations.  With each type of retailer, it is critical to fully understand the retailer's operation and specific bird problem when designing a bird control solution system.  

The bird control installation should be designed in a manner to resolve the customer's specific pest bird problem while having little to no impact on the retailer's brand and physical daily operations.  ​For most retail sites, Aviaway installs bird spikes, electrified shock track, tension wire, or a combination of bird deterrent products. 


Box Store
Carts Corral

AviAway's complete box store solutions:


We know how damaging pest birds can be, and that's why we offer complete solutions from design to installation, to eliminate your pest bird problems before severe damage occurs. While the solutions we offer are based on each specific problem and the environmental factors observed, these are the solutions we have found most effective in big box stores.


Birds Perching



Property managers deal with a variety of issues daily.  One of these issues is birds! Typically, the issues arise when a roof drain is clogged with bird droppings or nesting materials, there is an accumulation of bird droppings under an HVAC unit, birds are nesting under a canopy and droppings are accumulating on the walkway, bird are nesting in a façade side or birds have found a way to gain entry inside the building.


When designing a bird control system for a property management team, we focus on solving the specific bird problem and reducing any collateral maintenance issues.  Aviaway can solve all your specific bird control problems.  We are authorized installers of bird netting, bird spikes, tension wire, shock tracks and related bird control products. 


Common problems caused by long-term bird problems for property managers


Health Hazards


Fire Hazards


Structural Damage


Costly Repairs

AviAway's complete property manager solutions:


With our years of experience working with property managers on designing the right control method solution for the most common bird control problems out there, we have found that these methods work in most situations at eliminating pest birds. 




Parking garages provide an ideal environment for pest birds to inhabit because of the enclosed nature of most parking garages.  Garages provide birds with shelter from the elements, predator avoidance, and stable nesting areas.  Accumulation of bird droppings and nesting materials create maintenance issues, fire hazards, slip and fall liabilities, poor image, damage to vehicles and an unhealthy environment.

Based upon the open nature of most parking garages, birds can freely fly in and out of the garages.  Birds can land and roost on ledges, beams, light fixtures, signage and relates areas.

As the bird pressure increases, the accumulation of bird droppings and nesting materials can cause property damage and in some extreme cases, the acidic nature of bird droppings can impact the structural integrity of the structure.

Other forms of transportation include bus terminals, train stations and rail stations and airlines. These transportation industries have parking structures and related activities that can experience bird problems.  


Parking Garage

Common problems arising from long-term bird problems in parking garages


Health Hazards


Structural Damage


Costly Repairs

AviAway's complete parking garage solutions:


Depending upon how heavy the bird pressure, there are various bird control strategies that can be used to remedy the pest bird problem.  For sites that have heavier bird pressure, bird netting and exclusion products should be utilized.  For sites and areas that the birds have NOT started nesting, bird deterrents such as bird spikes, bird wire, shock track and related bird deterrent products can be utilized.  Note that if nesting has occurred, these products will not be effective in solving your bird problem.  


Solar Panels



Solar panels provide the perfect nesting spot for various pest birds.  The solar panels protect birds from the elements, provide a great hiding spot from predators and create enough area to build suitable nesting sites.  Depending upon the pest bird species that is nesting under the solar panels, in addition to nesting materials and an accumulation of bird droppings, larger birds can drop debris down onto rooftops that can damage the solar panels.


In most cases, the small opening between the solar panel and the roof can be screened off to prevent birds from being able to regain entry under the panels once properly screened off.  By excluding birds from under the panels, they will not be able to nest thereunder and force them to find an alternative nesting site.  Our mesh screening system completely excludes the pest bird and does not penetrate the roof or the solar panels and is removable if required for service.

Common problems caused by long-term bird problems for property managers


Health Hazards


Fire Hazards


Structural Damage


Costly Repairs

AviAway's complete solar panel solutions:


Steel bird mesh to exclude all pest birds and animals from gaining access under the solar panels. Clips onto the solar panel without and penetrations into roof or panels.

Food Processing

Food processing plants creates several unique challenges with performing bird control.  Food plants provide birds with an ample food supply and in most cases, food grain silos and warehouses have ledges and related areas for birds to nest and have easy access to food sources.

Proper quality control of food spillage and reducing easy access to the raw food products is the paramount first step in designing an effective bird control program.    Bird control netting and related structural modifications is typically the most effective bird control solution for these types of facilities.  

Food Processing Plant

One additional control measure that food processing plants and related facilities can implement is an Integrated Bird Management (“IBM”) plan to better manage bird problems.  Aviaway can design a bird exclusion system and develop an IBM plan to ensure that your food processing facility remains bird free.

Chemical Plant

Most chemical plants are large facilities with very complex structures and infrastructure.  These facilities provide a great environment for birds to nest.  Often at times, because these types of facilities are very large and have a complex construction, bird control can be very difficult at times.  

Various bird control methods are typically used such as bird exclusion netting and bird spikes to protect several critical areas.


Exceptional care is required when designing a bird control system for these types of facilities because of the unique operations that are performed. 

Chemical Plant


Stadiums present unique challenges in performing bird control because of the large and open nature of these types of facilities.  Birds have several areas to land, roost and nest throughout the facility.  In most cases, a combination of bird control products is used to maintain acceptable bird thresholds.  

Bird exclusion netting can be installed to exclude birds from critical areas, bird spikes and other deterrent products can be used on light fixtures, ledges, beams and related areas.  Targeting can also be used to reduce the bird population to acceptable thresholds.  

Aviaway can perform an assessment of your stadium, convention center or arena to determine the best course of action.


Water Bodies

Bodies of water provide birds with an excellent habitat.  When these bodies of water are located near housing developments, runways or office buildings or marinas, birds can become a severe problem.  Bird droppings in bodies of water can change the ecosystem of the water that can effect livestock and related vegetation and impact drainage systems.

Control efforts involve modification of landscape design, altering live-stock and installing a grid wire system over the body of water to deter birds from landing and utilizing the body of water.  It is critical to address any bird problem where water is involved prior to any breeding cycle.  If the birds have completed breeding cycles, the birds will be much more difficult to relocate.

Goose in Pond

For marinas and boat docks, Aviaway installs grid wire and other bird deterrent products to keep birds away from docks, boats and related areas around the marina.  Aviaway can design a bird control system to protect any body of water.



Often at times, there are several other industries that encounter problems with birds during their activities.  Professions such as pest control operators, HVAC, roofers, sign companies, and related trades.  If you are experiencing a pest bird problem or an accumulation of bird droppings, please contact us today for a site evaluation.    

Your trusted name in bird control solutions

We are experienced and certified to provide bird control services throughout various industries, spanning from residential to historical to construction sites. Whether you need to prevent birds from nesting under solar panels or keep them away from a pier or marina, we are here for you. When looking for someone to assist with your bird control needs, regardless of location, look no further. 

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