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The Many Hazards Birds Can Create For Your Business

Pigeon Head

Having birds inside or outside near your place of business can create plenty of problems for you and your customers. Some of the problems can lead to some pretty serious consequences including poor image for your business with the sight and smell of bird droppings. Other more complicated matters can lead to public health hazards to having litigation against your company and as a result going bankrupt. Birds are more of a threat than you could ever imagine.

Having dirty birds in and around your business can cause plenty of problems. The scary thing is you may not even know you have these problems with birds. Birds can roost on your roof and the parasites and material from the roost can cause great harm to you and your customers. These parasites from the birds carry all kinds of diseases and they can come inside your building and bite your customers.

They roost on top of buildings and other structures can accumulate for many years. All kinds of bird droppings and roost materials can accumulate causing some serious health problems. These bird droppings can lead to a number of problems. One thing the droppings can carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Another serious problem that this can lead to is your business Image will be ruined if this problem is not taken care of.

The bird droppings can also cause actual roof damage. The droppings can cause your roof to erode. Along with this is the noise birds can cause to scare off customers. The bird droppings can cause more serious problems leading to lawsuits. These lawsuits could be caused from slipping on the bird droppings in your business to someone getting sick from the transmission of disease. All of these situations can be avoided by having proper pest control done by a respected pest control company.

With the proper pest control company you can avoid these problems. Some worst case scenarios include litigation from customers who have been harmed from your neglect of the problem. This can lead to further complications such as loss of business.

The health hazards associated with these problems are many. Insects that require blood can transfer diseases to humans when they bite them. Birds carry bacteria that can cause food illnesses like Salmonella and E. coli along with other bacteria. Birds also spread viruses like West Nile disease and encephalitis. All of these different types of diseases can be a big problem for business owners. All these things can lead to more serious consequences.

The process of bird removal is actually complicated by the state and federal government regulations that help protect birds. With these kinds of regulations you will need a professional bird control company who specializes in bird removal. Removal of birds is a complex issue and should be left to the professional bird control companies.

One of the problems in bird removal for your business is knowing what kind of birds you are dealing with. This can only be done by a trained expert. Another thing to consider with bird removal is the special equipment that you need to remove whatever kind of birds you are dealing with. Bird droppings as mentioned before carry all kinds of diseases. You need to wear protective gear and use a certain kind of equipment to remove them. Your local bird control expert can help you with all your questions and needs.

Food safety and hazards related to birds need to be a concern. Birds can get through small openings in your building. The birds find their way through vents and openings. They also can set up more permanent locations on your roof top. The birds can end up roosting on your rooftop leading to even more problems. Roosting is where the bird has set up a permanent place to sleep and live. Birds can also socialize in and around the business property making them a nuisance to your customers. With all the talk of viruses and bacteria that can affect people there is also a fungi that can be transmitted from birds in an airborne way.

The fungal disease that is passed to humans in an airborne manner is histoplasmosis. This disease can cause sickness and even death in some individuals. Parasites are another way birds can cause transmission of diseases. The parasite bites the infected animal then passes on the disease by biting another animal or human. Plague and Encephalitis are two of the diseases that can be passed from parasites.

Remember that birds living on your rooftop can directly affect your customers. With all the vents and airways coming into the building the spread of these bird diseases can get out of control pretty fast. There is also the multiplier effect on top of your roof. The more pigeons you have for example is going to cause a much greater effect than just one.

Whatever business you have birds, they can become a threat to your everyday operations. Your permanent reputation is also at stake when the word gets out you have a bird infestation problem making you lose customers. All these problems can be quickly taken care of by having a professional bird control expert help you. With all the complications with bird control you can see it will take a real expert to solve your problem. Contact a professional bird control company today and they can help you with this rather complicated issue.

If you have a bird problem, we can help. AviAway professionally installs bird control solutions for all bird species. We have 30+ years of experience in bird control and have performed work for companies like Amazon, Rite Aid, and the U.S. Postal Service. Click here or call 844-247-3373 to request a free bird control quote.

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