Bird Spikes for Bird Control

We like birds and other creatures hanging around us but not when their presence is considered a nuisance. They mess up our homes and properties with poop, litter, and other unwanted items. If your workplace or deck is overrun by pigeons, crows, or seagulls, you need to get rid of them. Getting rid of them isn’t just about driving them away occasionally, you have to prevent further encounters. As soon as you can, you must discourage these trespassers from returning to mess up your environment. Some of the places that birds target for roosting and nesting include elevated areas such as rooftops, HVAC, window sills, ledges, beams, chimneys, etc. Fixing the problems that unwanted birds cause can

Installation of Netting for Bird Control

Birds can be somewhat troublesome, especially if they nest where they shouldn't or find food on your farm or in your garden. Whether in a rural or urban area, having birds as a pest can be rather stressful. They can destroy your crops, property and even ignite a fire. Netting is one of the most efficient ways to tackle this problem. Apart from being a discreet option, it proffers a long-lasting solution to this disturbance. This piece discusses the basic things you need to know about installation of netting for bird control. How Does Netting Work? Netting is used as a physical barrier against birds. It is put across the perimeter of the place you intend to barricade either horizontally or ve

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