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Targeting Solutions

Flying sparrow

Targeting Is a Primary Method for Removing Pest Birds from your Commercial Building

Doors left open and birds fly in all the time. Unfortunately, that’s the reality that numerous commercial buildings face. One of the main reasons that allow pest birds to gain entry into commercial buildings is because there is landscaping too close to the entry doors. Or another possibility is that loading dock doors are left open that is not that fare from trash containers. The trees quickly become the home to various birds, including sparrows and starlings. It’s only natural for birds to get curious as to what’s beyond the doors and they fly in when they see the opportunity of food and water.

Birds can be found inside of all sorts of different buildings. This includes grocery stores, parking garages, warehouses, distribution centers and even shopping malls. Some people assume that there’s no need to worry about the birds being in there, but there can be various dangers with their presence.

One of the first problems that can arise from free ranging pest birds is that of bird poop. It’s a gross idea, but it has to be a consideration when they are around a property that you own. If you have birds flying around, they’re going to poop. It’s a normal part of life and you have to think about what it is that they are pooping on down below, such are food or other items that humans com into direct contact with.

The cleanup of said poop can be a full-time job depending upon how many birds you have in the building. You cannot allow the location to look less than its best just because these pests have decided to call your building home. This means that it needs to be cleaned up on a regular basis.

The poop may also be damaging things. If it is dropping on inventory, it may no longer be able to be sold. This is now costing you money because you have to throw products out because they have been damaged by the birds. Sometimes, the poop can also have a negative effect on wires, concrete, and more. You don’t want your building to slowly fall apart because of what the birds are doing, yet that may be exactly what is happening.

If you have video cameras in place within your warehouse, parking garage, or anywhere else, the birds may be covering it with their daily activities. This is causing you to lose visibility of what’s going on, not to mention the fact that it is damaging expensive equipment. You cannot allow this problem to continue because it could end up costing you thousands of dollars to replace everything.

There’s the poop, but you also have to look at the other problems. There are birds flying around in a building where there are people. You could have sparrows, starlings, or pigeons in the building and these are not known to be the cleanest of birds. They could carry diseases and if they were to bite a patron, it could end badly for you. While it’s not likely they will attack, stranger things have happened.

Another problem that can occur is if the birds die within the building. If you don’t find them soon enough, you’re going to smell their bodies and this can be a horrible and overwhelming smell that will be hard to cover up. This means you will have to go on a hunt to find the cause of the smell and it may not be an easy task.

Birds are going to die at some point within the building because they have a limited lifespan. When you combine that with a limited source of food, it decreases considerably. Most of the birds aren’t going to have the smarts to leave and look for food, so they will simply pass away within your building. Unless of course the birds are within a grocery store or food warehouse with ample food and water sources. Then the birds can remain within the building for a very long time.

There are a few different methods for dealing with free ranging pest birds once they gain entry inside. When other methods of removing the pest birds has failed, a targeting program is very effective because it ensures that the birds are taken care of once and for all. You won’t have to worry about how long it will take for them to clear out or whether they will just fly back in a few days or weeks later.

Targeting is the term that is used when the birds are shot down within the building. This is done during non-operating hours by highly trained shooters so as to avoid injury to anyone and ensure complete accuracy. A survey of the site is done to determine where the birds are. They may be confined to one area of the building or be spread out through the shopping areas, the warehouses and more.

Whether you have one or two pest birds within your building or you have entire populations of them, targeting is a solution to get rid of them once and for all. When the birds are gone, you can maintain your property easier and guests will feel safer when they are inside the building. Learn more about our targeting service at

If you have a bird problem, we can help. AviAway professionally installs bird control solutions for all bird species. We have 30+ years of experience in bird control and have performed work for companies like Amazon, Rite Aid, and the U.S. Postal Service. Click here or call 844-247-3373 to request a free bird control quote.

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