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Seagull Control Grid Wire Deterrent System

Seagulls can cause severe problems for roofs and solar panels ! 

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Seagulls can create a mess on roofs, decks, water bodies, ponds, solar panels, solar array farms, patios, outdoor dining. Their droppings and food scraps can become a serious problem with clogged drains, damaged rubber roofing EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) (TPO & PVC) roof membrane, staining, broken solar panels, and more. AviAway Seagull Control Services installs seagull grid wire deterrent control systems to ensure that your rooftop, marina, outdoor dining, solar panels and completely protected from unwanted Seagull pest birds. The grid wire acts as a landing deterrent that the seagulls are deterred from landing because they are not sure their wings will become caught in the grid wire. As a result, the Seagulls will not land on areas where the grid wire deterrent is installed. Our grid wire system is safe, humane, and the most effective method for resolving any seagull pest bird problems.  Our Seagull control deterrent systems will solve all of your Seagull problems.   

  • Customized fabricated aluminum poles 

  • Two aluminum bracket options for either parapet/knee walls or interior poles 

  • All brackets have welded receiver pole holder

  • Customizable pole heights

  • Bird wire stainless steel nylon polyurethane coated wire

  • Kevlar multi-stranded torque polyurethane coasted cord (UV Protected)

  • Non-penetrating bracketing system (most cases)

Seagull Control Deterrent Grid Wire System Features:

Seagull Grid Wire Pole
Seagull Grid Wire Base
Non-penetrating install

Seagull Problem Areas:

  • Commercial Roofs

  • Parapets & Knee walls

  • Ponds

  • Water Bodies

  • Marinas

  • Boating Docks

  • Solar Panels

  • Solar Array Farms

  • Outdoor Dining

  • Patios & Decks

  • Land Fills

  • Commercial Dump Sites

  • Marine Ports

  • Residential Roofs

  • Public Dumps

Roof Drain Clogged Seagull
Clean Roof Drain Seagull

Our Seagull Grid Wire System is designed and engineered over 20 years of field testing and improvements to provide our customers with the best seagull deterrent system to ensure complete protection.  Our system will withstand the harshest of environments to provide a seagull deterrent.  We provide a five-year warranty for all our poles and brackets.

Contact AviAway today for an initial consultation for all your Seagull Control Systems and projects.  

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