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Bird Control Services for The State of North Carolina

We are one of the most experienced bird control companies in North Carolina, so we can comfortably say we are an authority on the issue of bird control. There are several reasons birds are regarded as pest in North Carolina. Some of the reasons have been outlined right below.


They are carriers of diseases


Birds and their droppings often carry micro-organisms that are pathogenic to humans even though those organisms may not harm them (the birds). This is the reason you should prevent birds from hovering around your house. If their droppings find their way into your vents, those organisms can be inhaled with air.


Their droppings are acidic and corrosive


Their droppings are very acidic and corrosive, and they can corrode materials and pipes around your home.

They can deface your property


Whether they are around your home or around your office premises, their nesting and droppings can deface the building and make it look very old. This will not only reduce the value of your home, it will also discourage home buyers. This means that when birds have been removed, you may need to repaint your property.


Closure of business


If you run a restaurant or any kind of eatery or you run a food processing company, you risk being fined if bird droppings are found around your facility. In fact, your business can be shut down for it. This is because bird droppings pose serious health risks. Do you realize that over 60 diseases have been linked to birds and their droppings? This is exactly why health authorities don’t joke with bird droppings in North Carolina.


Slip and fall accident


Bird droppings are quite slippery, so they can cause slip and fall accidents. It could happen to you or other members of your house and it could also happen to any of your employees if there are bird droppings around your office premises. When this happens to any of your employees, you the employer, will be liable. And if it happens to your tenants, they could sue you.

Prevention of birds from roosting around your house or commercial building


Having gone through some of the dangers of having birds around your home, it is important to arm yourself with a few preventive measures.


Look around your house occasionally


It is illegal in North Carolina to remove a nesting bird. So, it is better to remove the nest when there are just a few twigs there. You should always look around your home.


Install a scarecrow


You can get a plastic owl or hawk and place it in a strategic area. Since both are birds of prey, other birds will fear them. They will shy away from your home. You should also find a way to move the scarecrow often. If not, birds may find out that they are not real.


If you can record the sound of a hawk or the sound of an owl, you can play it out occasionally. The birds can recognize the sound. Once they hear it, they will take off immediately.


Use bird spikes, bird wires, and heavy-duty bird netting


You can also make your roof impossible for birds to nest on by installing any of bird netting, bird wires, and bird spikes.

Use repellents


You can also spray bird repellent chemicals. Due to the fact that some of the chemicals may have harmful ingredients, you need to allow a professional to handle it.


Why you should consider us for bird control


We offer experience


As mentioned earlier, we are highly experienced in bird control so, we are better than most of our competitors in North Carolina. In bird control, experience matters. We know how to remove birds without damaging your properties and without hurting the birds. We understand that chances are high that the birds may still come back after a few weeks or months. So, we know how to ward them off completely.


We are fully licensed and insured


We are fully licensed to operate in North Carolina and we are also fully insured. So, if any accident occurs while serving you, it is the responsibility of our health insurance provider to foot the hospital bill and not you. Because we know that some of our competitors lie about the insurance status, we advise our clients to ask for the insurance certificate of their potential service provider. We are also willing to show ours to our clients.

Complete Bird Control Solutions

  • All size Bird Spikes

  • Bird Exclusion Netting

  • Bird Wire Systems

  • Electrified Shock Systems (Avishock)

  • Ledge Exclusion (Aviangle)

We offer competitive prices


Despite the high quality of our service, we offer highly competitive charges. This is a good reason our client base increases very rapidly. You are free to compare our free quotes with those of our competitors, and you will be glad you came to us.


Free consultation


To us, there are only two kinds of North Carolina residents: our clients and our potential clients. So, we offer a free consultation. You are free to reach out to us any time. However, you need to call to schedule an appointment with us so that we can fully prepare for you.


We make use of the most technology-driven tools


Being experienced in service is one and having the best tools to serve is another. We are not only experienced, but we are also very equipped. We strive hard to use the most recent tools all the time. So, we regularly upgrade our tools.


We don’t only upgrade our tools; we also upgrade our knowledge on bird control by attending relevant seminars, workshops, conferences, and even expositions. If you already have birds around your home, you can contact us for removal. However, if you don’t have them around, you can also contact us for preventive measures.

​Aviaway Professional Services provides complete bird control and remediation services for all areas of North Carolina, including Charlotte, Raleigh, Asheville, Greensboro, Wilmington, Fayetteville, Durham, Winston-Salem, Cary, Concord, Boone, Chapel Hill, High Point, New Bern, Mooresville, Gastonia, Rocky Mount, Burlington, Hendersonville, Goldsboro, Wake Forest, Statesville, Carolina Beach, Asheboro, Clayton, Huntersville North Carolina, Garner, Apex, Kinston, Emerald Isle, Morganton, Nags Head, Waynesville, Mount Airy, Southport, Brevard, Morehead City, Elizabeth City, Fort Bragg, Atlantic Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Kitty Hawk, Topsail Beach, Blowing Rock, Davidson, Ocean Isle Beach, Lake Lure, Chimney Rock, Ocracoke, Bald Head Island, and Fuquay-Varina.  

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