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Bird Control Services for The State of Pennsylvania

When found in the wrong location, birds can end up becoming a real nuisance to the environment. Both businesses and homes can suffer from the problems caused by these pest birds. As a matter of fact, bird-related problems can lead to expensive damage to building exteriors, contaminated products, and even lost business.


Some birds are known to hoard diseases that are classified as public health threats, seeing that they can be transmitted to humans. They can spread diseases such as Salmonella, E. Coli, and Ornithosis. Some insects like fleas, textile beetles, and bird mites are attracted to bird nests and roosting sites. As a result, they tend to encourage insect infestation.

Why bird control?


Every year, individuals and businesses in Pennsylvania spend huge sums of money repairing and cleaning up damage caused by pest birds. A lot of buildings often get seriously damaged from the debris and droppings left behind by nesting and roosting birds. As a matter of fact, bird droppings can be problematic; they can erode building materials very quickly because they are very acidic.


Additionally, these birds pose a lot of threats to human lives, as any of 60 transmittable diseases can be carried along in their feces. Actually, children and adults with compromised immune systems can susceptible to these diseases. Apart from creating unsanitary conditions, bird waste can ruin building finishes.


That’s why we are focused on ensuring that lives and properties are secured and protected from these problems. If birds are causing nuisances in your area, do not hesitate to contact us. Our highly experienced pest management professionals are ever-ready to attend your needs and proffer a permanent solution.

How can we help?


When it comes to bird control in Pennsylvania, we are always the first port of call. It’s our duty to protect homes and businesses in the area from bird problems. We have a qualified team of avian professionals that specialize in providing rapid, effective, tactful, humane and targeted bird control solutions at all times.


As a matter of fact, we are committed to solving bird problems without the use of traps and dangerous chemicals. Our bird and pest control products are not only known to be extremely effective but they are also safe to use, humane and environmentally friendly. In order to prevent pest birds from causing problems on your property, we strongly recommended that you install safe and humane bird control products. We are capable of developing an effective bird control program specifically tailored for your business or home.

Bird Exclusion and Control Solutions

  • Bird Spikes

  • Bird Netting

  • Bird Wire

  • Electrified Track

  • Ledge Exclusion (Aviangle)

  • Sonic and Ultrasonic Sound Units

  • Bird Removal Programs

How to choose the right bird control plan?


A lasting solution to all your prevalent bird problems can be achieved by making the correct choice in bird control products. First and foremost, you need to know what the birds are doing whenever they land on your property. Are they just landing to scamper around and look for food or they are roosting, or nesting.


Also, it is important to know the type of birds (species) you are dealing with. In cities like Philadelphia, pigeons and gulls are usually the worst culprits. These birds which are naturally known to eat seeds and grains can easily adapt to scavenge processed food such as food waste from dustbins and discarded takeaways. Ultimately, the best way to discourage birds from infesting an area is by getting rid of their food sources.


If pest birds are causing a nuisance at your business location, there several ways by which we can help you get rid of them. Without harming the birds, we can resolve your bird-related problem through several prevention/deterrent methods, such as bird proofing, bird netting, bioacoustics, nest removal, and hawking. All these effective treatment methods are discreetly performed with little or no distraction or fuss to your business.

Depending on the current situation on ground, we may choose to install bird screening on within and around the property so as to prevent access to bird nesting and roosting sites. Exclusion devices may also be installed on surfaces commonly used for loafing and roosting. However, it all depends on the results of the inspection findings of obtained by our professional team. We often recommend the most effective exclusion or prevention method after identifying the species of bird involved.


How do we carry out our bird deterrent plan?


-In order to effectively assess the pest bird situation, we always try to come at a convenient time to access the premises. This helps us to come up with a detailed report on the bird infestation issues.


-Recommendations for an appropriate treatment plan are always stated provided in the report. We proffer preventive advice on how to resolve your bird issues, as well as details on the most effective and suitable bird-proofing solutions and bird deterrents.


-Several visits may be required to effectively resolve your avian problem. Before we begin resolving the bird problem on your premises, our specialist technicians will arrange appropriate times for visit. This will help them come up with the right bird control plan suitable for your business with minimum disruption.

-Before starting work proper, our technicians will take the time to run through the treatment process. Credible advice on how to prevent future bird pest problems will also be provided.


If you think you have found some signs of bird infestation on your premises, don’t hesitate to call on our avian professionals. As experienced bird control specialists, we use discreet, cost-effective methods to get rid of pest birds without disrupting your business and harming the birds.

Aviaway Professional Services provides complete bird control and remediation services for all areas of Pennsylvania, including the following cities: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Erie, Allentown, Scranton, Reading, Gettysburg, West Chester, Altoona, State College, Wilkes-Barre, Villanova, Johnstown, Williamsport, Mechanicsburg, Greensburg, Chambersburg, Doylestown, Pottstown, King of Prussia, Hazleton, Norristown, Malvern, Uniontown, Cranberry Township, Bensalem Township, Stroudsburg, Lansdale, Bloomsburg, Monroeville, New Hope, Lititz, Phoenixville, Downingtown, Centralia, Collegeville, Conshohocken, East Stroudsburg, Canonsburg, Bryn Mawr, Upper Darby, Newtown Square, Slippery Rock, Punxsutawney, Kutztown, Swarthmore, Aliquippa, Lock Haven, and Camp Hill.  

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