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Your local pest bird control specialists. Offering complete bird control solutions, from design to installation.

Why Choose AviAway?

AviAway is the bird control service for all your pest bird needs. We offer services throughout Texas and specialize in solving problems with seagulls, sparrows, or geese - whatever bird you're dealing with, we can help! You'll get a free consultation and quote when you call or submit a request through our site. One of our experts will talk you through different solutions tailored specifically toward whatever species might be present at your property.

Common Bird Problems in Arlington

Nuisance Birds (Pigeons, Starlings, Grackles)

The pest birds in Arlington have been a problem for many years. They live to eat and nest, which can be problematic when nesting and roosting in your business or home. These pest animal infestations often lead to damage and disease due to their droppings, feathers, nesting materials, and other detritus. If you see an influx of pigeons or sparrows squabbling over food sources like seeds spilled out on lawns, this could be one reason there are more than usual: they nest where they can find food, so cutting off their food source is the first thing you should do.

Seagulls in Arlington's Landfill

In recent years, Arlington Texas has been dealing with an influx of seagulls. These birds are attracted to the city's landfill, which provides an abundance of food. While seagulls can be interesting to watch, they also pose a number of problems. Their droppings can contaminate food and water sources, and they often damage property in their search for food. In addition, their loud calls can be a nuisance, particularly at night. To address these problems, the city has installed nets at the landfill to deter the birds. In addition, officials have been urging residents to take steps to reduce the amount of food available to seagulls, such as not feeding them and keeping garbage lids securely fastened.

Tried and true solutions to all your bird control needs

Many methods and tactics can be used to keep birds off property in Arlington, Texas. One popular method is to use bird spies. Bird spikes are long, thin metal rods installed on ledges, window sills, and other surfaces where birds typically perch. The spikes make it difficult for birds to land, and they eventually learn to stay away from the area. Another common method is to use bird netting. Bird netting is a type of mesh stretched over ledges, bushes, and other areas where birds congregate. The netting prevents birds from being able to land or nest in the area, and it also deters them from coming back. Finally, sound devices such as ultrasonic bird deterrents can also be effective at keeping birds away from an area. These devices emit high-frequency sounds undetectable to humans but highly irritating to birds. When used properly, these methods and tactics can effectively keep birds off of property in Arlington, Texas.

One method for deterring seagulls is removing any potential food sources that might attract them. This means sealing garbage cans and taking out the trash regularly. It also means avoiding leaving food out in the open, such as picnics or BBQs. Another method is to use a physical barrier to deter seagulls from landing. This could be anything from netting to an ultrasonic device emitting high-frequency sound that only animals can hear. However, our most highly recommended method is installing grid wire, which confuses seagulls flying overhead and leads them to believe they cannot land in the affected area. By using one or more of these methods, it is possible to keep seagulls off of property.

Our bird control specialists are here for you.