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Bird Control Services for The State of West Virginia

West Virginia Bird Control Experts

West Virginia is a state located in the eastern United States. Located in the Appalachian region, West Virginia has some of America's most rugged land and it surprises many with its range of outdoor activities to choose from including hiking, mountain biking, skiing, or whitewater rafting. The town Harpers Ferry where two rivers meet, the Shenandoah and the Potomac River, was considered important during Civil War times. Today this historical

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Cardinals get their red plumage from carotenoids found in their food. If they don't eat enough of the food with carotenoids, their feathers become more of a brownish color.

The West Virginia State Bird is the The Northern Cardinal a.k.a. Cardinalis cardinalis

town looks as it did back then; surrounded by protected national parkland frequented by travelers eager for history lessons and wanting to imagine what it was like to live back then.


With its over 12 million acres of forests, this state is an important natural environment for almost 200 species of birds, from the smallest warblers to the biggest eagles. Many avid birdwatchers and residents spend the beginning of each spring preparing their yards for visits from these colorful creatures so they can sit on their back porch and enjoy the offerings of nature. While this is often a pleasant pastime, there are instances where the wrong types of birds get attracted, and rather than seeing various species of songbirds like cardinals and goldfinches, you attract woodpeckers and starlings, or even geese, that scare off the smaller more desirable species, and destroy your yard in the process.


Even in cities there have been known problems with pigeons and starlings damaging commercial buildings and creating a mess wherever they go. Especially in historical cities where maintaining the original state of structures is of extreme importance, pest birds can do irreparable damage, when left to their own devices for even a month. Luckily bird control companies like AviAway are experienced and knowledgeable on protecting historical buildings among all other buildings from these pests, with deterrents that don’t even require any permanent modification to the building itself.

Common West Virginia Pest Birds

AviAway Bird Removal Services Near You


Why Bird Control Is Necessary


Birds leave behind droppings that can cause several problems, and while this may seem like an easy fix, it's important to use caution when dealing with these creatures and the mess they leave behind. One of the most common hazards for buildings or houses is bird droppings, which can carry diseases. They often build nests above HVAC ventilation grates, and this poses a significant threat because there's always the risk of fire!


You may not know this, but even the slightest disturbance of bird droppings can send bacteria and fungi flying through the air! Therefore it's best to call professionals who specialize in bird removal services and bird cleanup now. They will be able to help you take care of any problem before it gets worse!


You might not be aware of this but getting rid of birds can get quite expensive if you don't take the proper steps upfront. While bird control companies are always here to help when bird roosting and infestations occur, it’s always safer and better to implement preventative strategies before you even see a single bird make your building their new home. While strongly advisable to install bird deterrents if you have a commercial building or warehouse, even the simple steps outlined below can put you in the right direction if you think you may be at risk for bird infestation in the future.

Common Effects of Pest Bird Infestations

  • Bird droppings can cause the breakout of several diseases and the multiplication of parasites like mealworms, chicken mites, and even bed bugs.


  • Large populations of birds can be noisy, especially at night when they are right on your roof.


  • Nests can clog your drains and that will lead to a big problem with water drainage.


  • Food contamination is highly likely if they are around food processing outfits or eateries.


  • Pest bird presence can lead to penalties from public health officers.


  • Bird droppings on sidewalks can result in slips when they are mistakenly stepped upon.


  • Bird droppings can stain, corrode, and cause other damages to the building materials.

Avoid Developing Bird Infestations Around Your Home or Building

  • Clean your gutters and eliminate other forms of standing water in your areas. Availability of water to drink can attract them.


  • Avoid all kinds of projections like ledges around your wall. Birds can easily roost on them.


  • Trim all trees and prune them very regularly. The more leaves they have the more they can provide shelter for birds.


  • Cover all trash cans, as they can attract not only pest birds like pigeons but other unwanted wildlife as well.


  • Clean all outdoor surroundings consistently. If your pet mistakenly upsets your trash can, quickly clean it up as some of the food remnants can attract birds, and once they know where the food is, they stay there.


  • Avoid feeding pest birds at all costs, as it is a form of encouragement for them to stay even longer. This includes bird feeders that arent weight controlled.


  • Seal all openings through which small birds can enter your building.


  • Ensure all vent, loft, and eave openings are permanently blocked.


  • Install door strips on any exterior doors, to prevent the entrance of all birds.

Why Choose AviAway?

At our company, we are experts in bird control and will be able to help you with any pest problem. From pigeons to sparrows and crows to geese, there is a solution for each of them that works best. We know what methods work from removing the pests altogether or just using deterrents which means less time spent on maintenance so your property can get back its peace as soon as possible!


We have been helping customers solve their pest problems for 20 years by coming out right away for an inspection before generating a plan specifically tailored towards individual needs - this way everyone gets exactly what they need without having to pay more than necessary because of a flat fee for any bird control needs like other companies do.


AviAway is the best choice for bird removal. At AviAway, we pride ourselves in quickness and efficiency. We can ensure that you have an uninviting environment for these unwanted guests by quickly installing deterrents to keep them away so your feathered fiends are gone in just a couple weeks instead of months! Oftentimes, we get work done faster than the timeframe we provide to our clients. Don’t wait any longer for quality bird control service.

  • Steel and Polycarbonate (plastic) Bird Spikes

  • Heavy Duty Bird Exclusion Netting 3/4" mesh and 2" mesh

  • Bird Tension Wire Systems 

  • Electrified Track Systems (Avishock)

  • Ledge Exclusion (Aviangle)

  • Structural Alteration 

  • Sonic and Ultrasonic Sound Units

  • Bird Removal (Targeting Programs)

  • Live Capture and Removal

Bird Control Solutions for Every Situation

Bird Removal Service You Can Trust

The AviAway team provides the most efficient and professional way to get rid of pesky birds in your life. We offer multiple services for various needs, so you can make sure that all unwanted pest birds are gone from a home or business with ease! With our guarantees and expertise, we stand out from other companies who just don't measure up.


Quickness and efficiency should be our middle name. We want those pesky birds gone just as much as you do because we understand the damage they can pose to a business if they're causing a mess for even just a week. With just a few simple steps we can be there performing the services you need that will allow you to get back to life as usual. Don't struggle with finding the perfect bird control company any longer, because AviAway is here and ready to help send the birds back to where they belong. If you're still unsure, call us with any questions you may have, or set up a bird discussion call with our specialist to see what needs to be done to get you living bird-free. Call us today at (844) 247-3373

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