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Bird Control Services for The State of Delaware

The small yet historic state of Delaware has a rich past that includes beauty and culture. With the Atlantic coast to one side, coastal cities like Dover provide visitors with historical landmarks such as The Georgian-style Old State House from 1777. Wilmington is full of parks, boutiques and restaurants for those looking for something more modern or

Delaware Bird Control Experts

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The Blue Hen is actually not recognized scientifically as its own breed, but hens with blue tint to their feathers are well known and are renowned for their combative nature

The Delaware State Bird is the Delaware Blue Hen, a.k.a. Gallus gallus domesticus

traditional in their surroundings! Delaware's small size is matched by its low population, with just under one million people and a land area that covers only 1982 square miles - the second smallest state in the US. Delaware also has fewer counties than any other state at just three: New Castle (the most populated county), Kent, and Sussex.

The Delaware Blue Hen is a symbol of bravery and combat and has one of the most interesting backstories behind how it became Delaware's state bird. Cockfighting was so popular during the Revolutionary War that soldiers would bring their own Blue Hens with them, for entertainment while they were in army camps. The brave fighting skills of this bird led to it becoming known as "the Fighting Blue Hen," and also led the men in Delaware's army to be compared to this bird because of their bravery during the war. The University of Delaware actually adopted the Blue Hen as their mascot in 1911, which is 28 years before it was adopted as the state bird.

Common Delaware Pest Birds

AviAway Bird Removal Services Near You


Why Bird Control Is Necessary

Birds are always a fascinating sight to see and many people like feeding them. But if you notice that there are one or two specific places on your building where they seem drawn, it might not be worth getting excited about just yet! After only a few weeks, those numbers can increase from 2-3 birds flying around to 20+, and by that point, they will most likely have nested and become more difficult to remove from the area. Trouble will follow for both humans who have no tolerance towards their presence and buildings which suffer structural damage caused by these creatures.

The first step to pest control is prevention. Block off any possible entry points with a substance that will not be harmful to the birds and also contains an odor they dislike. This keeps them from ever entering your home or business in the first place! If you have already had birds break through one of these barriers, there are many ways for removal depending on what kind of animal it is--they vary depending on the type of pest bird problem you encounter, but they are all effective at getting rid of pest birds. Some of these methods include wire grid installs for roofs or installing mesh screens over chimneys where pigeons would get into vents too big for them to enter (they'll try anything!).

You never want to see bird droppings on your new home or business. Not only is it an unsightly mess that makes potential buyers and customers look elsewhere, but these disgusting particles carry numerous diseases too! Dropping just one tiny particle in a place where people live puts them at risk of getting sick! The longer the feces remain on building materials like porches and siding, not only will there be permanent damage done; but building integrity becomes compromised over time as well due to structural changes caused by their droppings.

Common Effects of Pest Bird Infestations

  • Bird droppings can cause the breakout of several diseases and the multiplication of parasites like mealworms, chicken mites, and even bed bugs.


  • Large populations of birds can be noisy, especially at night when they are right on your roof.


  • Nests can clog your drains and that will lead to a big problem with water drainage.


  • Food contamination is highly likely if they are around food processing outfits or eateries.


  • Pest bird presence can lead to penalties from public health officers.


  • Bird droppings on sidewalks can result in slips when they are mistakenly stepped upon.


  • Bird droppings can stain, corrode, and cause other damages to the building materials.

Avoid Developing Bird Infestations Around Your Home or Building

  • Clean your gutters and eliminate other forms of standing water in your areas. Availability of water to drink can attract them.


  • Avoid all kinds of projections like ledges around your wall. Birds can easily roost on them.


  • Trim all trees and prune them very regularly. The more leaves they have the more they can provide shelter for birds.


  • Cover all trash cans, as they can attract not only pest birds like pigeons but other unwanted wildlife as well.


  • Clean all outdoor surroundings consistently. If your pet mistakenly upsets your trash can, quickly clean it up as some of the food remnants can attract birds, and once they know where the food is, they stay there.


  • Avoid feeding pest birds at all costs, as it is a form of encouragement for them to stay even longer. This includes bird feeders that arent weight controlled.


  • Seal all openings through which small birds can enter your building.


  • Ensure all vent, loft, and eave openings are permanently blocked.


  • Install door strips on any exterior doors, to prevent the entrance of all birds.

Why Choose AviAway?

AviAway can eliminate any bird problem in an area, so you never have to worry about them again. We've been proven as the best service provider for this type of job with years of experience and a team that is always on call. Our method of eliminating birds has higher success rates than any other company that does similar work because once we're finished there won't be anything from pest birds left behind. Don't let your business or home become overrun by unwanted birds. We will take care of it!

If you're thinking about the environment, we have a green solution for you! AviAway is eco-friendly and doesn't use toxins chemicals to keep birds out. It's important that your home has been safeguarded against these pest birds because they can create thousands in damages if left untreated. Protect yourself from bird damage by installing one of our more effective methods of protection like spikes or bird netting. Many of our most reliable methods are listed below:

  • Steel and Polycarbonate (plastic) Bird Spikes

  • Heavy Duty Bird Exclusion Netting 3/4" mesh and 2" mesh

  • Bird Tension Wire Systems 

  • Electrified Track Systems (Avishock)

  • Ledge Exclusion (Aviangle)

  • Structural Alteration 

  • Sonic and Ultrasonic Sound Units

  • Bird Removal (Targeting Programs)

  • Live Capture and Removal

Bird Control Solutions for Every Situation

Bird Removal Service You Can Trust

AviAway provides bird deterrent services to help bring peace and serene living to our clients. By offering a range of control methods, we're a bird removal company that'll rid your life of bothersome birds. We've got more experience and expertise than any other company out there. With our care throughout each step, you can enjoy a speedy turnaround time with great results.


We are your ally when it comes to birds--no matter the situation. Whether you're home and need to stop birds from getting into a fish pond, or a business that needs large-scale control methods to ensure building safety, we've got the bird removal solutions for you. With our careful attention to detail from start to finish, we make sure that all care has been taken so results are seen quickly--without delays!

Talk to anyone who's had a problem with birds and they'll tell you there are few immediate solutions. Innovative, effective bird control is essential for the protection of crops, property, and people - so when it comes to finding the right company for your needs don't waste any time! AviAway has a strong reputation in this field so if you have any questions about what we can do or would like more information please give us a call as soon as possible!  302-336-8535.

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