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Bird Control Services for The State of Florida

Bird watching might be a fun leisure activity, but they can become pests just as fast. When birds start to nest in your building or home, they cause damage to your roof and leave excessive bird droppings everywhere. With pests like that around, you’ll need the help of highly specialized bird control services. If you’re in the Florida state area, then bird control services are available for all your bird control needs. We take care of bird problems in buildings, marinas, boats, seagulls and birds on decks, retail, and big box stores, as well as healthcare, transportation and government industries/buildings. We understand that the problem of bird control is a unique one that requires several bird exclusion and bird deterrent options. Because of this, we offer several humane products and service to help resolve any bird problems you may be dealing with.

Bird Exclusion and Deterrent Services


Some of the services we offer include;


  • Bird tension wire

  • Bird netting 

  • Shock track bird strips

  • Bird trapping removal programs 

  • Food reduction 

  • Bird spikes

  • Ledge exclusion (Aviangle)


Bird Mites Pest Control


Bird mites are tiny parasites that are nearly invisible to the naked eye. They typically grow to about 1 millimeter in length. Bites are very mobile, oval-shaped, and transparent in appearance. They prefer warm climates and can be found wherever there are nests and birds.

Controlling Bird Mites


If you’re a Florida homeowner, and you’re harboring the belief that your home has been infested, then feel free to follow up on this suspicion and give us a call for help removing the bird mite.


Crows Pest Control


Another bird that is accustomed to human presence and is starting to become a pest in certain areas is the Crow. Crows are large sized birds that are typically all black and are sometimes mistaken for ravens (which are larger). They are social birds and live in communities that can grow as large as the nesting and feeding areas. They thrive well in urban areas made by humans.


Crows are often described as generalists because of their ability to claim any environment for roosting so long as their needs are met. Since crows are protected under the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, it means crow roost management in urban areas cannot involve eradication methods such as killing. Crow management is usually difficult because of the high learning ability they (crows) possess.

Even though crows may sound like a major problem, they are only a serious issue for farmers when their seedling are young. Crows rarely cause damage to house but the buildup of debris and feces on power lines and the building can shorten the lifespan of the household structure.


An effective method of chasing away crows is to scare them with the use of statues, standing images and of course the classic scarecrow. However, make sure to move the scarecrow/statue regularly because as stated before, crows are intelligent and eventually, they’ll figure out that the statue is non-threatening.


Another method used is to hang an effigy of a dead crow. Crows will avoid roosting in places that appear potentially dangerous to their own kind. Remember to move the effigy every few days or the crows will get used to it.

Pigeon Control in Florida


Pigeons are some of the most common birds in the United States. They can be found numbering in the thousand deep within cities and urban areas. If you’re in the Florida area and are dealing with pigeon problems, it is important you know how to handle them.


Pigeons are a nuisance for several reasons. There is never just a single pigeon. You will usually find dozens if not thousands of them in an area. This large number makes them a bit more difficult to deal with.


Pigeons are also rather dirty and the carry several diseases and parasites so if you have kids, you want to make sure they avoid touching them. Even when they flock to you when you’re eating, try as much as possible to keep your distance. You don’t want to encounter any disease since you have no idea how it’ll affect you.


Apart from the diseases, pigeons also leave pounds of dropping every single year and the more pigeons you have in an area, the more the droppings. If there are pigeons around your business or home, they can cause damage to structure, patios, cars and much more. You will need to figure out how to chase them from your home, so they don’t cause undue damage to your property.

How to handle Pigeons


Florida residents dealing with pigeon problems can rest easy knowing that there are humane ways to deal with pigeon problems. The first thing you want to clear off when you have a pigeon infestation is the droppings. They can attract various flies, mice, rodents, and not to mention are very acidic. Because of that, they can eat away at the underlying surface and that can cost you a sizeable number of repairs.


You also want to make sure that the pigeons aren’t getting into your home and if they are, remove every dropping they leave behind and block every available passage that you notice.


There are various DIY solutions available to get rid of pigeons, but they may not always work for you. Which is why your best bet is to get the services of a professional. They can determine how extensive the problem is and make recommendations tailored specifically to your home.

​Aviaway Professional Services provides complete bird control and remediation services for all areas of Florida, including Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Destin, Fort Lauderdale, Tallahassee, Naples, Pensacola, Sarasota, Gainesville, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Panama City Beach, Daytona Beach, Ocala, Key West, St. Augustine, Fort Myers, West Palm Beach, Kissimmee, Boca Raton, Bradenton, Miami Beach, Cape Coral, Fort Washington Beach, Port St. Lucie, Vero Beach, Jupiter, Cocoa Beach, Delray Beach, Palm Beach, Pompano Beach, Coral Springs, and Coral Gables.  

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