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Bird Control Services for The State of Montana

Montana Bird Control Experts

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Montana is home to some of the most diverse landscapes in America. The Rocky Mountains give way to sprawling plains and Montana's varied regions are near enough for you to explore on foot or by road trip with breathtaking scenery that includes Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park and more, totaling around 3.5 million acres set aside as Wilderness Preserve! With a population of just over 1 million people who call it their own state, this land embraces its nature-loving citizens making them feel like they live at the center of all things wild.

The scientific name "Neglecta" (meaning ignored/neglected) originated because on Lewis & Clark's journey, they mentioned seeing yellow larks, but 40 years after, they had yet to be formally described by scientists.

The Montana State Bird is the Western Meadowlark, a.k.a. Sturnella Neglecta

Of the almost 1,000 species of birds that reside in the United States, Montana is home to 433 of them, including one of the rarest, the Gyrfalcon, which is an arctic bird of prey and is the largest of all the falcon species. If one of these show up in your backyard, surely there would be excitement. Unfortunately those birds that would prefer to be closer to human civilization are the most undesirable birds of them all. Go figure. These birds, including the Starling, Sparrow, Crow, and Woodpecker, are attracted by open food and water sources, and can leave hazardous droppings and nesting material behind, harboring parasites, disease, and can even put you at a higher risk of fire if located in the wrong spots.

Common Montana Pest Birds

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Why Bird Control Is Necessary


Birds have been a part of human history for centuries, but their current lifestyle of invading cities and suburbs is hurting the humans and birds alike! Birds are typically docile creatures who pose no threat to those nearby. But when they leave droppings on rooftops or other roosting spots in urban areas that contain diseases harmful to both us and our feathered friends alike, it's time we pay attention before 

things get out of control.

Birds may seem harmless at first glance as many species only eat bugs or seeds found outside- so what could be wrong with leaving some bird poop behind? The problem lies not just in where these leftovers lie; causing damage to building material if left for too long, but in how long they stay there because when they dry, the slightest breeze sends particles flying that can contain disease and fungi. It also poses a risk of fire if in the wrong spot, like near open electrical wiring or HVAC vents.

Prevention is key when it comes to bird control. It will always be cheaper than attacking the problem after infestation and roosting occur, so don't wait until your damage has just begun before you take care of your uninvited guests! Birds cause damages that can be costly to repair, which means they're also costing you money in other ways as well (e.g., cleanup). So while prevention may seem like a waste at first glance, not dealing with them now could cost even more in the future by way of potentially having increased expenses due to repairs needed on any damaged property as a result from their presence, and cleanup of droppings, nesting material, and anything else they may have come in contact with.

If you're tired of birds flying into your house, or if they have already taken up residence in the eaves and are making it hard to avoid their droppings on a daily basis, then prevention will always be the safer choice. The following is just a list of simple ways that might help keep them away: 

Common Effects of Pest Bird Infestations

  • Bird droppings can cause the breakout of several diseases and the multiplication of parasites like mealworms, chicken mites, and even bed bugs.


  • Large populations of birds can be noisy, especially at night when they are right on your roof.


  • Nests can clog your drains and that will lead to a big problem with water drainage.


  • Food contamination is highly likely if they are around food processing outfits or eateries.


  • Pest bird presence can lead to penalties from public health officers.


  • Bird droppings on sidewalks can result in slips when they are mistakenly stepped upon.


  • Bird droppings can stain, corrode, and cause other damages to the building materials.

Avoid Developing Bird Infestations Around Your Home or Building

  • Clean your gutters and eliminate other forms of standing water in your areas. Availability of water to drink can attract them.


  • Avoid all kinds of projections like ledges around your wall. Birds can easily roost on them.


  • Trim all trees and prune them very regularly. The more leaves they have the more they can provide shelter for birds.


  • Cover all trash cans, as they can attract not only pest birds like pigeons but other unwanted wildlife as well.


  • Clean all outdoor surroundings consistently. If your pet mistakenly upsets your trash can, quickly clean it up as some of the food remnants can attract birds, and once they know where the food is, they stay there.


  • Avoid feeding pest birds at all costs, as it is a form of encouragement for them to stay even longer. This includes bird feeders that arent weight controlled.


  • Seal all openings through which small birds can enter your building.


  • Ensure all vent, loft, and eave openings are permanently blocked.


  • Install door strips on any exterior doors, to prevent the entrance of all birds.

Why Choose AviAway?

You're tired of the constant bird droppings on your car, home, and property. You want an immediate solution to this source of stress and headaches, and you’ve searched all over for the right choice. When it comes to situations like this, AviAway is the best company for all your bird control needs. We offer professional and complete services, from prevention techniques to cleanup after removal. We’ve been in business for years and have learned exactly what works for all situations. Our practice has been perfected so that you can get back to living your life free of pest birds immediately!


When we provide bird control service, say goodbye to all the birds that have been plaguing your home or business. We'll come out and perform an inspection of each situation, so we know exactly what needs to be done in order to get rid of those pesky birds quickly and efficiently! Our action plan is customized based on every job, meaning bird control most effective for your specific situation. When we are done with installation, we also provide professional bird cleanup services, leaving customers with nothing but peace at heart because their property will look as if they've never had pest birds to begin with. These feathered nuisances won't even stand a chance against us!

  • Steel and Polycarbonate (plastic) Bird Spikes

  • Heavy Duty Bird Exclusion Netting 3/4" mesh and 2" mesh

  • Bird Tension Wire Systems 

  • Electrified Track Systems (Avishock)

  • Ledge Exclusion (Aviangle)

  • Structural Alteration 

  • Sonic and Ultrasonic Sound Units

  • Bird Removal (Targeting Programs)

  • Live Capture and Removal

Bird Control Solutions for Every Situation

Bird Removal Service You Can Trust

If you’re like many people who have a problem with pest birds, you know how frustrating and annoying it can be. These pests are not only an eyesore but they are also noisy and leave droppings everywhere making your home look dirty.


The best way is by getting rid of these pests is by hiring professional services from Aviaway Bird Control. We offer effective solutions for all types of bird problems including preventing them from entering your property in the first place using nets, spikes, screens etc.. Our experts will be able to identify the source of entry point where most of these birds are coming from so we can block their path out effectively without harming them in any way possible.


Hiring our professional team at Aviaway Bird Control ensures quick results because we understand how important it is for you to get back to your busy life without having to think about pest birds ever again. To begin your pest free life, give us a call at (844) 247-3373

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