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Bird Control Services for The State of Nebraska

Nebraska Bird Control Experts

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Nebraska is a state of beautiful natural wonders and unique cultural past. The prairies, towering dunes, dramatic rock formations are all located in Nebraska. Lincoln's tallest building can be found at the State Capitol Building where one can see for miles across the city below it, and its popular former capital of Omaha which contains Durham Museum honoring pioneering Nebraskan history with its railroad depot converted into an attraction that highlights so many wonderful pieces from this part of America’s heartland.

The scientific name "Neglecta" (meaning ignored/neglected) originated because on Lewis & Clark's journey, they mentioned seeing yellow larks, but 40 years after, they had yet to be formally described by scientists.

The Nebraska State Bird is the Western Meadowlark, a.k.a. Sturnella Neglecta

This state is over 77 thousand square miles and is 15th largest in the country. It also contains the largest underground aquifer in the country, called Ogalala aquifer. It also has the most miles of river than any other state. Its quite ironic that it has such an abundance of water, considering its also the only state to be triply landlocked, meaning there’s 3 states between it and the nearest ocean, gulf, or bay on all four sides.


With over 450 species of birds living in the state, keeping the invasive species like pigeons, sparrows, and starlings away from human areas is a difficult task. These nuisance birds often gather in flocks, so if you see one, odds are there are more to come and before long your home or business can become a breeding ground for these pests. If they must choose between competing with other bird species in nature or congregating in a city with unlimited food sources and no competition, to them, the answer is a simple one.

Common Nebraska Pest Birds

Why Bird Control Is Necessary

Birds may seem harmless as they fly through the air and sing their songs, but when they make a home of your property, their droppings can cause an array of problems. Bird poop carries diseases such as salmonella or Histoplasma that threaten human health when it falls near food or on soil. The most common hazard for buildings is bird poop because if builds up over time tocreate dangerous levels 

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Grand Island

which lead to accumulation at HVAC grates - posing significant risks not just from disease-carrying feces, but also fires! Birds often build nests near these vents creating precarious situations where there's always the chance of fire breaking out above one's house with no warning whatsoever!


Getting rid of birds can get expensive if you don't take the right steps upfront. Avoid this problem by implementing a few strategies to prevent them from entering your building in the future!


Birds are unpredictable animals and they often find their way into buildings, but with some prevention methods it's possible to avoid that happening again. If there is an infestation going on at your place now, contact pest control before things escalate any more than necessary. Preventing bird roosts or even just keeping their numbers down should be high priority for anyone who would like peace throughout wintertime without having to worry about new pests indoors every day

Common Effects of Pest Bird Infestations

  • Bird droppings can cause the breakout of several diseases and the multiplication of parasites like mealworms, chicken mites, and even bed bugs.


  • Large populations of birds can be noisy, especially at night when they are right on your roof.


  • Nests can clog your drains and that will lead to a big problem with water drainage.


  • Food contamination is highly likely if they are around food processing outfits or eateries.


  • Pest bird presence can lead to penalties from public health officers.


  • Bird droppings on sidewalks can result in slips when they are mistakenly stepped upon.


  • Bird droppings can stain, corrode, and cause other damages to the building materials.

Avoid Developing Bird Infestations Around Your Home or Building

  • Clean your gutters and eliminate other forms of standing water in your areas. Availability of water to drink can attract them.


  • Avoid all kinds of projections like ledges around your wall. Birds can easily roost on them.


  • Trim all trees and prune them very regularly. The more leaves they have the more they can provide shelter for birds.


  • Cover all trash cans, as they can attract not only pest birds like pigeons but other unwanted wildlife as well.


  • Clean all outdoor surroundings consistently. If your pet mistakenly upsets your trash can, quickly clean it up as some of the food remnants can attract birds, and once they know where the food is, they stay there.


  • Avoid feeding pest birds at all costs, as it is a form of encouragement for them to stay even longer. This includes bird feeders that arent weight controlled.


  • Seal all openings through which small birds can enter your building.


  • Ensure all vent, loft, and eave openings are permanently blocked.


  • Install door strips on any exterior doors, to prevent the entrance of all birds.

Why Choose AviAway?

Birds can be very destructive to any building, and you're tired of the constant bird droppings on your car, home, and property. Birds have the potential of causing thousands in damages and health risks. We are a professional company that specializes in pest control services for birds. AviAway is committed to providing our customers with quality service at an affordable price. Our technicians have years of experience and know what methods work best for all situations so you can get back to living your life free from pest birds immediately!


 AviAway Bird Control offers a variety of effective products that are easy to use and guaranteed for your satisfaction! AviAway Bird Control has many different solutions for bird control, including netting systems, repellents, spikes and more! We pride ourselves on providing our customers with high quality products at affordable prices so everyone can protect their homes or businesses from unwanted pests like birds without breaking their budget! Below is a list of the bird control methods we use that are the most effective, some with a life expectancy of over 30 years!

  • Steel and Polycarbonate (plastic) Bird Spikes

  • Heavy Duty Bird Exclusion Netting 3/4" mesh and 2" mesh

  • Bird Tension Wire Systems 

  • Electrified Track Systems (Avishock)

  • Ledge Exclusion (Aviangle)

  • Structural Alteration 

  • Sonic and Ultrasonic Sound Units

  • Bird Removal (Targeting Programs)

  • Live Capture and Removal

Bird Control Solutions for Every Situation

Bird Removal Service You Can Trust

Birds can be a real nuisance, and sometimes they seem like they’re out to get you. They make a lot of noise, leave droppings everywhere, and even attack people when the mood strikes them. We all know that birds are annoying pests that cause problems for homeowners and business owners in many ways. However, most people don’t have an effective solution for their bird problem and settle with ineffective methods such as scarecrows or loud noises which only work temporarily at best.


Aviaway is here to help you solve your bird control issues with our humane bird repellent products that will keep these flying fiends away from your property without harming them or the environment! Our line of innovative pest control devices use advanced technology combined with safe materials proven to repel birds naturally so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing we've got it covered for you!


Don’t wait any longer for the peace of mind you have been searching for. Set up a bird discussion call today to go over what kind of bird problem you are having and what we can do to get you back to living your life pest-free. Call now at (844) 247-3373

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