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Bird Control Services for The State of
New Mexico

New Mexico Bird Control Experts


New Mexico is a constituent state of the United States, located in Southwestern America. It became part of the union way back in 1912 as the 47th state. New Mexico ranks fifth among all American states by land area with a total of 121 thousand square miles. New Mexico has become increasingly urbanized with about one-third of the population living in Albuquerque due to large population growth from people who have migrated here looking for work or better opportunities.

Roadrunners are omnivores, and their diet includes scorpions, reptiles, small mammals, birds, and eggs, and on some occasions can even eat rattlesnakes!

The New Mexico State Bird is the Greater Roadrunner, a.k.a. Geococcyx californianus


This state has some of the most scenic and diverse landscapes in the country, from sprawling deserts to the massive Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Supported by the greatest temperature ranges recorded in the country, it's no wonder so many bird species have found a home in the state. There have been a recorded 550 bird species in this state, the 4th highest of all the states in the country.


While many bird enthusiasts would love to visit and catch a glimpse of the rarer species, the common ones you will see as a resident to the state include non-native species like sparrows, which are known to intrude upon businesses or homes, or anywhere they can find a food or water source, and a nice nook or cranny to squeeze into. Another common species to the region would be the European Starling, another invasive species that is excellent at outcompeting the native bird species for resources or turning to farmland as their home. With there being more livestock than people within New Mexico borders, it's extremely important to keep these birds separate to avoid spreading the countless diseases they are known to carry onto livestock, and then onto people. Bird deterrents are often the only way to discourage these birds from getting near the farm's food supply or keeping any invasive species away from our cities and homes.

Common New Mexico Pest Birds

Why Bird Control Is Necessary

Birds are a common pest that will continue to grow in numbers until they're dealt with. If you notice one or two birds near your home, it is important to act quickly before the nest attracts more of them and begins affecting other aspects of life.

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Birds can inflict considerable damage on buildings if left unchecked for too long as their population grows exponentially from 3-30 within weeks. It's crucial not to let this problem worsen over time by taking care of these creatures early; otherwise, problems could arise such as bird droppings getting into air conditioning units which may lead to illness, corrosion of materials, and increased risk of fires--worsening the longer it is left unchecked.


There are several different solutions that people use to try and control their bird problems, but most of these solutions can be expensive or time-consuming. Oftentimes it exposes you to the diseases that these birds leave behind in their droppings. Bird Control products offer an effective way to keep birds away from your home without harming them or you. Practicing prevention techniques outlined below can also help protect your home or business from ever getting a bird infestation in the first place!

Common Effects of Pest Bird Infestations

  • Bird droppings can cause the breakout of several diseases and the multiplication of parasites like mealworms, chicken mites, and even bed bugs.


  • Large populations of birds can be noisy, especially at night when they are right on your roof.


  • Nests can clog your drains and that will lead to a big problem with water drainage.


  • Food contamination is highly likely if they are around food processing outfits or eateries.


  • Pest bird presence can lead to penalties from public health officers.


  • Bird droppings on sidewalks can result in slips when they are mistakenly stepped upon.


  • Bird droppings can stain, corrode, and cause other damages to the building materials.

Avoid Developing Bird Infestations Around Your Home or Building

  • Clean your gutters and eliminate other forms of standing water in your areas. Availability of water to drink can attract them.


  • Avoid all kinds of projections like ledges around your wall. Birds can easily roost on them.


  • Trim all trees and prune them very regularly. The more leaves they have the more they can provide shelter for birds.


  • Cover all trash cans, as they can attract not only pest birds like pigeons but other unwanted wildlife as well.


  • Clean all outdoor surroundings consistently. If your pet mistakenly upsets your trash can, quickly clean it up as some of the food remnants can attract birds, and once they know where the food is, they stay there.


  • Avoid feeding pest birds at all costs, as it is a form of encouragement for them to stay even longer. This includes bird feeders that arent weight controlled.


  • Seal all openings through which small birds can enter your building.


  • Ensure all vent, loft, and eave openings are permanently blocked.


  • Install door strips on any exterior doors, to prevent the entrance of all birds.

Why Choose AviAway?

Seagulls, sparrows, starlings, and pigeons can be a nuisance to your home or property. We offer professional services that will help keep them at bay! Our guaranteed pest bird removal process includes blocking all points of entry into the property so they cannot fly back inside after being removed; advising on how to prevent future infestations from occurring, and with our thorough cleanup methods you won't have any evidence left behind.


AviAway is your one-stop-shop for pest bird prevention. Whether you have a pesky pigeon problem or want to prevent future infestations, we can help! We'll inspect the area that birds frequent and provide solutions tailored just for you


You'll never see a pest bird around your property again once we're done! If it's an issue inside your home or business, don't worry - we offer assistance with blocking points of entry as well. Our team will be right next to you start-to-finish so that you won't ever have to deal with pesky birds like these anywhere near your place ever again!

  • Steel and Polycarbonate (plastic) Bird Spikes

  • Heavy Duty Bird Exclusion Netting 3/4" mesh and 2" mesh

  • Bird Tension Wire Systems 

  • Electrified Track Systems (Avishock)

  • Ledge Exclusion (Aviangle)

  • Structural Alteration 

  • Sonic and Ultrasonic Sound Units

  • Bird Removal (Targeting Programs)

  • Live Capture and Removal

Bird Control Solutions for Every Situation

Bird Removal Service You Can Trust

AviAway Bird Control has been helping people across the country with their bird problems for over twenty years now! We have created several different solutions for getting rid of pesky birds from your home or business; we even offer cleanup after service, it will look like pest birds were never there! Our services include everything from netting to trapping, depending on what kind of situation you're dealing with. All our employees are trained professionals who know how to handle any situation effectively and efficiently, and we always ensure to complete service before the agreed-upon date.


AviAway has the solution to your bird problem. Unlike other companies, we offer a unique solution for each specific case so you can be assured it will work. You don't have to risk hiring an incompetent company with no experience that won't even do their research before offering ineffective fixes every time! If pest birds keep bothering you outside and nothing else worked, give us a call at (844) 247-3373 OR schedule a bird discussion with our specialist by entering your information below!

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