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New Jersey

Your local pest bird control specialists. Offering complete bird control solutions, from design to installation.

Why Choose AviAway?

AviAway is a bird control company that specializes in creating custom plans to meet your specific bird control needs. We will talk to you, inspect your site, determine the scope of your problem, and implement a custom solution that will keep birds out of your property for good. We service all bird problems, from pigeons and sparrows to turkey vultures and woodpeckers. We offer free consultations and can walk you through the best way to approach your bird control problem. AviAway's bird control services are available throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Common New Jersey Pest Birds

Common Bird Problems in Newark

Nuisance Birds (Pigeons, Sparrows, Starlings)

Newark is a big city with its fair share of birds. You probably have burned in your memory the image of pigeons flying around Newark, picking up food and trash off the ground and leaving droppings all over the sidewalk. Pigeons, sparrows, and starlings are the biggest pest bird problems in Newark. They will nest in vents, chimneys, ledges, rafters, and parking garages, multiplying the bird problem, and increasing bird pressure in the areas they nest. Common solutions for fixing a nuisance bird problem is netting off bird nesting grounds, removing bird food sources, and installing bird spikes.

Canada Geese in Parks

Canada geese make their homes in parks, ponds, and golf courses in Newark, disturbing customers and park-goers with their droppings and aggressive behavior. Geese eat up to four pounds of grass a day and produce two pounds a day of droppings. They are also aggressive towards people and can scare them away by honking or even biting. Geese are a problem animal and can be coaxed into leaving by an experienced bird control company. Common geese problem solutions are netting off bird nesting grounds and treating grass and plants with methyl anthranilate.

Tried and true solutions to all your bird control needs

AviAway's top recommendation for excluding nuisance birds is bird netting. If installed correctly, bird netting excludes birds with 100% effectiveness, lasts 20+ years, and endures all weather conditions. We commonly use bird netting to exclude birds from the underside of building rafters, inside parking garages, canopies, bridges, underpasses, and any other covered location birds seek to nest or perch on. Bird netting is an excellent choice for an urban environment like Newark.

We also offer numerous solutions for excluding geese from park and pond areas. These include pond netting to exclude them from the water, bird netting to block off geese nesting grounds, and methyl anthranilate to prevent the birds from eating from grass and plants.

Our bird control specialists are here for you. 

Give us a call and AviAway can help solve your bird control problem. We offer free consultations and can help you find the best way to approach your bird problem. Then, if you choose to move forward with us, we can work with you to design and implement a custom solution based on your architecture that will exclude birds for good.

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