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New Jersey

Your local pest bird control specialists. Offering complete bird control solutions, from design to installation.

Why Choose AviAway?

AviAway offers custom bird control services for all species of birds throughout the United States and Canada. Our specialty is coming up with custom bird control solutions for your particular situation. We will talk with you, discuss your property and the scope of your bird problem, and work with your particular architecture to develop a bird control solution that will exclude birds permanently. We offer free bird control consultations and can set up a discussion with you to discuss your particular situation.

Common New Jersey Pest Birds

Common Bird Problems in Paterson

Nuisance Birds (Pigeons, Starlings, Sparrows)

Pigeons and other pest birds are prevalent in Paterson. They search for food on the ground and in the trash, then make their nests in covered places like building rafters, parking garages, and under HVAC units. Once they nest, the birds start to multiply, increase in numbers, and will spread droppings all over the surrounding area. Birds also become more attached to an area after nesting and are more difficult to coax into leaving. The top-recommended bird control methods for pest birds like pigeons, starlings, and sparrows are removing bird food sources and installing bird netting to block off bird nesting grounds and exclude them entirely.

Canada Geese in Parks

Canada Geese tend to make their home in grassy areas with water, which includes many public parks and areas in Paterson. Once they have nested, these birds pay no mind to other people and will go about their business regardless of how much of a nuisance they are to those at the park. Troublesome behaviors include honking, biting, eating grass and plants, and leaving significant amounts of droppings behind. Canada Geese can eat up to four pounds of grass per day and leave behind two pounds of droppings a day- and that's per goose! When these geese flock in a congregation, which they do inevitably and without fail, the problems they cause can begin to get out of hand. Top-recommended Canada Geese control methods are bird netting to block off bird nesting grounds along with methyl anthranilate, a grape flavoring agent which geese hate, applied to grass and plants to block the birds' food source.

Tried and true solutions to all your bird control needs

Our top-recommended methods for getting rid of nuisance birds are removing bird food sources (covering up trash cans, removing food from the streets) and installing bird netting to block off bird nesting grounds. As long as food sources around birds will keep coming back. You can often close off most bird food sources without the help of a bird control company. This will at least reduce the problem. Nesting birds are trickier. Birds most often nest in covered locations that grant them protection from predators and the elements. These locations can be netted off with bird netting to keep birds from nesting. If installed properly, bird netting excludes birds with 100% effectiveness.

Canada Geese pose a different problem. Their nesting grounds can be blocked off with bird netting, similar to nuisance birds. You can also use pond netting to block off any water-bound areas geese are using. Methyl anthranilate is the method of choice for removing geese food sources. Methyl anthranilate is safe for humans, birds, and the environment, though birds will stop eating from plants and grass treated with it.

Our bird control specialists are here for you. 

Give us a call and AviAway can help solve your bird control problem. We offer free consultations and can help you find the best way to approach your bird problem. Then, if you choose to move forward with us, we can work with you to design and implement a custom solution based on your architecture that will exclude birds for good.

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