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Bird Control Services for The State of Virginia

Birds are lovable creatures and they can be very beautiful but unfortunately, they can be a serious nuisance wherever they find themselves. As a matter of fact, it can be quite problematic to have birds unattended in and around the home or any other property. So how can you keep your property pest-free?


Working with a reliable wildlife control company like Aviaway Professional Bird Control cannot only help to ensure an effective bird control in Virginia but can be very efficient and effective in reducing the health risks that are commonly associated with the presence of pest birds. In a bid to effectively get rid of these birds and avoid property damage, there is the need for professional bird removal and repellents.


Usually, birds easily find their way into building structures through damaged roofing or loading bay areas. One of the easiest ways to recognize bird infestation in an area is through their nest. Whether located within or outside the vicinity, bird nests can always pose a serious problem on any property. The materials used in building the nests can be very destructive as they can pose a great fire risk when situated near lighting. They can even clog drains.

Aside from these, pest bird infestations can result in disease outbreak (through their droppings), product contamination, liability, health hazards, and property damage. However, it is good to know that you can keep your property in good condition and maintain a safe environment for your business operations by introducing effective bird deterrents.


The professionals at Aviaway are focused on ensuring effective bird control in Virginia. These are experts who know just how to install the right bird control systems around any area infested with pest birds. Pest birds can only be deterred from continuing to roost around your property when you have an eco-friendly bird control system put in place. It is one thing to have a building free from bird damage but having a happy client is much more important.

Prevention is better than cure


There is rarely any area or sector in Virginia that is not faced with the problems of pest birds. It is a common phenomenon that happens every now and then. If you currently do not experience this problem, then you should be prepared to prevent it from happening as it is very likely that you will be experiencing such eventually. It is very easy for pest birds to find shelter in any property. All it takes is just a few of them taking a liking for your structure and soon others will decide to move in.


Generally, pest birds often perform some sort of breaking and entering action whenever they want to invade a building. Since the interior is often nicer and cozy, they will always want to find their way through thereby causing some damages to the building as a result. This is when property owners will have to contend with the mess they leave behind such as nesting material, feathers, and droppings. This also includes the building, plant and installation damage that will require repairs and maintenance.

Installation of all bird control methods

  • Bird Spikes

  • Heavy Duty Bird Exclusion Netting

  • Tension Wire Systems

  • Electrified Shock Track (Avishock)

  • Ledge Exclusion (Aviangle)

  • Sonic and Ultrasonic Sound Units

Assessing the problem


First and foremost, it is imperatively important to know the species of birds you are dealing with before setting out to launch a control action. This will enable you to effectively determine the right form of bird control to apply. Working with a professional bird control company will work to your advantage. Experts at Aviaway will not only try to identify the species of bird you are dealing with but will also seek to discover the location of their nests and how they are accessing them.


The use of sound systems


In a bid to successfully prevent a pest bird infestation, most wildlife control experts wouldn’t support the removal and deterrence of birds from returning to an already established roosting area. Rather, they will naturally recommend the installation of bird control systems within and around the affected property. For effective bird control in Virginia, bird wire, netting or spikes often form a good start. A good addition to these control systems would include the extreme sound system designed for controlling bird infestation on a property.

Most property owners in Virginia prefer to use these electronic products because they often yield immediate and dramatic results. However, it is highly recommended to work with professionals who know just how to apply the right solution to any bird problem. Prior to using any bird deterrent, these professionals would get rid of the bird nests. If left alone, the deterrents will have little or no effect as the nests will remain a continuous attraction for the birds, particularly in the spring.


To obtain the desired results, these deterrents need to be installed in places where they will very effective – i.e. at the correct level. Whether you are looking to make use of occasional sonic sounds or ultrasonic sounds, it is important to ensure that the birds are proximately and consistently exposed to the sounds. Basically, you are seeking to break the invasive habit of the birds. So, you must ensure that they are exposed to the sounds at a reasonable distance. Ideally, the speaker of the sound system should be situated within the level of the birds.


In a bid to help residents and business owners control their bird problem, experts at Aviaway are helping with a range of services, including exclusion methods, decontamination of infected areas, modification of habitat, as well as using custom bird netting and traps to ensure adequate bird control in Virginia.

​Aviaway Professional Services provides complete bird control and remediation services for all areas of Virginia, including Richmond, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Roanoke, Jamestown, Charlottesville, Williamsburg, Alexandria, Fredericksburg, Lynchburg, Fairfax, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Manassas, Harrisonburg, Woodbridge, Leesburg, Reston, Ashburn, Suffolk, McLean, Herndon, Falls Church, Portsmouth, Staunton, Stafford, Vienna, Petersburg, Blacksburg, Chantilly, Yorktown, Abingdon, Culpeper, Warrenton, Front Royal, Glen Allen, Martinsville, Radford, Tysons Corner, Annandale, Chincoteague, Quantico, Great Falls, Fort Lee, Commonwealth, Massanutten, Appomattox, Cape Charles, Fort Belvoir, and Luray.  

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