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Bird Deterrents for Boats

Seagulls are common on boats and docks, but if you're a boat owner, they may be unwelcome guests. Birds leave behind unsightly and unsanitary droppings that make for a slippery surface, creating hazards in their wake.

How can you keep birds off your boat? The best bird deterrent is not a scarecrow, a row of bird spikes, or a mechanical device: the best bird deterrent is removing nearby bird food sources. Open trash containers, discarded food, and anything intentionally fed to the birds will attract them to your dock or marina in droves. Replace open trash containers with trash bins with lids, and consider placing signs and reminders around to encourage proper food disposal and warn against feeding the birds. If you can block birds from food sources, you will solve your bird problem expediently.

Scarecrow-like devices are another common bird deterrent strategy. Inflatable terror eye balloons are one popular option for deterring birds from boats. These colorful balloons have an eye on each side and appear to birds as predators. You can hang them on top of boats to dangle and scare birds away.

Irri-Tape is another scare device, a holographic tape that cracks in the wind like a streamer, frightening birds. As a bonus, it is a colorful and attractive scare device that looks good on boats.

You may have seen bird spikes on ledges or parking garages, but did you know they are also effective on boats? These are plastic rods that stick out and physically block birds from perching. A technician can install them with hot glue or other adhesives or mount them in areas where birds perch. With the bird spikes installed, birds cannot land and are forced to find somewhere else to go.

Sound machines vary in effectiveness but may be worth a try if they keep your boat or dock safe from pests. These machines play bird predator sounds and seagull distress cries to scare birds away. Sound machines are also low-visibility and less expensive than other options, although their life span is usually only two to five years.

The trouble with bird deterrents for boats is that if the birds have already nested nearby, no single bird deterrent will completely solve the problem. In this scenario, call a bird control company like AviAway to remove the nesting birds and install bird exclusion methods like bird netting to stop them from coming back.

A seagull grid deterrent wire is excellent for deterring birds from boats. Technicians will install the wire high in the air across raised poles in a grid formation over your dock or marina, blocking birds, including seagulls, from descending into the treated area. Grid wire is excellent for blocking birds from congregating in a fleet of boats.

AviAway performs bird control services professionally throughout the United States and Canada. We have 30+ years of experience in bird control and have completed jobs for companies like Amazon, Rite Aid, and the U.S. Postal Service. Click here or call 844-247-3373 to request a free bird control quote.

We also offer free bird control consultations. Click here to set up a free consultation and speak to one of our bird control experts about solving your bird problem.


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