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How to Get Rid of Barn Swallows

Barn swallows are a pest bird that tend to lodge themselves inside human habitations like barns. They can be pretty birds, but as a pest most people don't want them flying around and building nests. This article will go through a few ways to get rid of barn swallows.

bird netting

There are two main reasons barn swallows are congregating around your property: nesting and food. If you can get rid of these attractors, barn swallows will be forced to go somewhere else to find nesting and food.

Removing nesting grounds is the first step to removing barn swallows. This can be accomplished using bird netting. Place bird netting around locations swallows would build nests, such as crevices or rafters. Bird netting can be purchased at a hardware store or you can hire a pest control company to install it for you. Preventing barn swallows from building nests is key in keeping them out of your property and avoiding the damage they cause.

Remember that if barn swallows are already nesting, it is illegal to move the nest. You will have to wait until the eggs hatch to move the nest. Barn swallows are protected under the Migratory Bird Act of 1918. Contact local government officials or a pest control company if barn swallows are already nesting and you need to get rid of them sooner.

Another way to prevent barn swallows from nesting is building modification. Barn swallows tend to build nests in rafters and other crevices. If you can modify ledges or at-risk building areas to discourage nesting, they will be forced to go somewhere else.

The second main reason barn swallows are around your property is food. These birds primarily eat flying insects, catching them in their mouth as they fly. You can control the population of barn swallows by controlling the population of insects around them. Get rid of the insects and stop them from coming back, and the barn swallows will also have to find somewhere else to get their food.

Make sure you don't have a mite or insect infestation occurring inside your barn or wherever the swallows are gathering, as this will attract them and make it more difficult to get rid of them. Don't keep pools of stagnant water around for insects to breed in.

Netting off nesting areas and getting rid of insects are two primary ways to get rid of barn swallows. There are a few secondary methods as well.

The first is visual deterrence. This method includes scarecrows, fake predator eyes, and fake coyotes. These can help deter barn swallows for a period but need to be moved often to retain their effectiveness.

The second method is sound deterrence. There are sound machines that broadcast barn swallow predator cries that the birds avoid. There are also sound machines that broadcast ultrasonic frequencies that the birds also prefer to avoid.

Summary: Discouraging nesting, cutting off the food supply, using scarecrows, and installing sound deterrence are ways you can get rid of barn swallows. You may find swallow deterrence works best if these methods are used in combination.

Benefits of Getting Rid of Barn Swallows:

  • Block Birds Off Your Property

  • Less Bird Droppings

  • No Nesting Birds

  • Cleaner Looking Property

  • Lower Bird-Borne Disease Risk

If you have a bird problem, we can help. AviAway professionally installs bird control solutions for all bird species. We have 30+ years of experience in bird control and have performed work for companies like Amazon, Rite Aid, and the U.S. Postal Service. Click here or call 844-247-3373 to request a free bird control quote.


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