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Avoiding Bird-Related Issues at Gas Stations

When you fill your car with gas, you will probably notice bird flocks around gas stations. Gas stations are a popular place for birds, often creating problems. They can quickly become pest birds. While grabbing a quick bite or refueling, you can see various birds, such as pigeons, seagulls, and swallows. Not just one bird either; you will see numerous birds everywhere.

Gas stations provide many of the necessities for birds. A big canopy has multiple flat roofs, lots of human activity, and garbage for potential food sources. This is ideal for these birds and quickly will become an infestation if left untouched and unchanged.

This must be revised and worked out for gas station owners and workers. The damage pest birds cause can be very costly. They tear up roofs, leave nesting material and garbage scattered, leave droppings everywhere, and are very loud. This will lead to many complaints and eventually less business.

For gas station patrons, a dirty, bird-infested gas station is not a place you will want to stop and refuel your car. While waiting at the pump, your car can get covered in bird droppings. This is bothersome, and you might have to get your car cleaned as soon as you leave the gas station because of the droppings. More money out of your pocket.

It is crucial to take the needed steps to limit bird activity and the damage it can cause. This involves prevention and cleanup.


There are various options, both exclusion and deterrent devices. Bird netting can be placed underneath the canopy, preventing any bird access. This exclusion device is best suited for birds nesting in hard-to-reach spots. On the roofs, bike spikes, wire, or shock track work to ensure these pest birds cannot land on your roof. These deterrent devices are ideal if there is a lot of bird activity on rooftops and ledges.


If there is a constant presence of bird droppings, regularly clean up and remove bird droppings from the area. These droppings can create health risks, especially when airborne. In addition, bird droppings can create slip hazards. The last thing you want as a gas station owner is for someone to fall because your station was improperly cleaned. Also, be conscious of any open garbage and food scraps left behind. They can provide a vital food source for the birds, so ensure that the station is clean and there is no access to any garbage.

Taking steps to control pest bird activity at gas stations is essential. Following these steps and methods, you can help ensure that gas stations remain sanitary for customers and employees. Check out our website for various solutions that can work for your situation.

Contact AviAway Bird Control Services for all your pest bird problems and solutions.


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