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Bird Control: The Importance of Professional Inspection and Customized Solutions

Pigeon Drinking Water

When AviAway receives a new bird control project, we consider a multitude of factors before designing your site-specific bird control plan when undertaking a new bird control project. Every building, home, structure, garage, complex, stadium, port, or campus is unique and presents various factors that need to be considered. Bird control is not a one size fits all operation. We consider every element that goes into bird behavior around a structure when deciding what steps to take to prevent birds from returning and affect the lives of those who work or live next to the problem. Many people think that they can just install any type of bird deterrent they want and call it a day, but this is not the case.

To be successful with your bird control strategy, you need to consider all factors that go into bird behavior around your building before deciding on steps to take in preventing birds from returning. I'm sure you've seen plenty of buildings where there are bird spikes installed on top of signs or along the roof, yet still see birds landing between them - this is because most likely, the installer failed to perform due diligence (proper inspections/site surveys) before implementing a control plan.

When we get a call regarding a new bird control project, whether it be for nesting birds, noisy geese, bird strikes, heavy bird droppings, or nesting materials before we can offer any suggestions based on the type of problem alone, we need to conduct a complete inspection of the area and determine what factors surrounding the building or home is causing the bird problem to escalate. This can include any number of things such as proper bird species identification, acceptable bird thresholds, trash removal practices (like open trash cans for birds to dig through for food, trash removal frequencies, the proximity of trash cans near structures), structural designs (ledges, roof types and building design), landscaping (types of landscaping, proximity of landscaping to structures, and types of vegetation), water sources (standing water, clogged drainage, and retention ponds), branding impact, budgetary and control/exclusion strategies.

As much as we sometimes see pest birds as a collective species, their behavior differs immensely in not immediately noticeable ways. Seagulls may find a particular location appealing for the open dumpsters of trash. Another bird species may only be interested in the ledges the building provides them with for roosting or nesting. Some bird species may be migratory whereas other bird may be resident (all year round). Overall, the main things that will attract birds to your property include food, water, shelter, and warmth.

Food Source

Open food sources such as litter, trash overflow, fruit trees, or bird feeders provide the perfect attraction for bird problems to develop. For example, many birds, like pigeons, are often not interested in venturing out beyond the immediate area they know food to be. The only way to really get the birds to leave and not continually attempt to return would be to remove the food source. They won't have any reason to remain if they cannot sustain themselves, so this is often the easiest solution. Ensuring that food sources are reduced and eliminated is a critical component of all successful bird remediation projects.

Water Source

A nearby water source could also attract birds; if it often rains in your area and there are consistent standing water puddles or areas where water accumulates, the birds will continually return to that area and remain close by. If bird deterrents are placed on a single building in the area, they will only relocate to the next closest one to their water source. It is best to ensure that the water sources are removed or cleaned regularly to avoid having no reason to return there.


Depending upon the bird species, if there are plenty of trees or landscaping nearby, it encourages birds to stay in the area for various reasons. Not only are trees perfect for roosting spots, offering plenty of room for entire flocks, but birds that feed on insects also know it would be an ideal feeding ground. The more birds see an area as a perfect living environment, the more they start using the buildings as roosting or nesting areas since they're more familiar with the location.

Nesting Areas

Open rooftops and other large spaces without obstacles are ideal nesting grounds for large flocks of birds since they need an area large enough for the whole flock, and they also need to be able to see any predators or danger quickly. If there are birds nesting on or around your building, immediate action needs to be taken to reduce long-term problems. The longer birds remain in a particular area and know it is safe to nest there; the more stubborn they will be about leaving. When nesting occurs, more aggressive bird deterrents or bird control methods need to be applied. Birds spend a significant amount of time and energy building nests, and some species reuse those nests year-round. Therefore, once they are built, these birds will do anything in their power to remain where they are, as they have already deemed this place safe enough for their young.

While attempting to list out as many factors as possible would be ideal in describing what causes birds to become attracted to your building in particular, the reality is there is a massive number of factors involved. It would not be possible to list them all. Birds are intelligent creatures, and even minor things could potentially attract them to your property, from the sun hitting your roof just right to provide the warmest spot in the area to the fact that the area is the quietest location in the surrounding area. Maybe your neighbor has a lovely garden they're attracted to, or there are fewer natural predators around the area. Every case is different and ensuring that you have a professional bird control company inspect and evaluate the problem before offering solutions will always provide you with the best and most effective results.

AviAway offers complete bird control services that are tailored to your site-specific bird control problems. We take a holistic design approach to ensure that your bird problem is remedied most effectively, long-lasting, and does not create ancillary bird problems. We have 30+ years of experience in bird control and have performed work for companies like Amazon, Rite Aid, and the U.S. Postal Service. Click here or call 844-247-3373 to request a free bird control quote.


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