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Combatting Bird Problems Across The United States

Birds are an important part of our ecosystem.

Map of United States
United States

Their presence can sometimes lead to conflicts, especially in urban and commercial settings. Understanding regional bird activities and utilizing appropriate bird control measures prevents damage. Here's a look at what birds are up:


In the Northeast, species like the Bobolink, Belted Kingfisher, and Northern Flicker are prominent. During spring and summer, these birds areaviawaaviawa breeding and foraging. The Belted Kingfisher, found around lakes and rivers, can be particularly territorial. While posing issues for areas near water bodies like parks and golf courses​.

Recommended Products: For the Northeast, AviAway’s Bird Netting is very effective. This product prevents birds from accessing sensitive areas. Such as building facades, balconies, and industrial sites. Bird Spikes can also deter perching on ledges and rooftops, preventing droppings and nesting issues.


The Pacific Northwest sees a variety of bird species. Including migratory hummingbirds like the Rufous Hummingbird and residents like the American Robin. These birds are particularly active in gardens, parks, and residential areas during the spring migration period​

Recommended Products: In this region, Bird Netting and Bird Wire Systems are effective in keeping birds from nesting on structures and causing damage.


The Southeast is a hotspot for bird activity, with species like the Ruby-throated Hummingbird and various waterfowl. These birds are often found around wetlands and urban areas, where they can become a nuisance for businesses and homes alike​.

Recommended Products: Bird Sonics are an excellent choice for this region. These devices use natural bird distress calls to deter birds from specific areas without causing harm. Bird Gel can also be applied to ledges and surfaces to prevent birds from landing and nesting.


The Southwest hosts birds such as the Greater Roadrunner and various raptors. These birds can pose significant challenges, particularly around airports, agricultural areas, and urban environments. The dry climate and open spaces also attract large flocks.

Recommended Products: Bird Lasers from AviAway are ideal for the Southwest, where open spaces make traditional deterrents less effective. The laser systems are safe and effective in deterring birds from large areas. Additionally, Bird Shock Systems keep birds away from specific structures without harming them.


Bird control requires a tailored approach based on regional bird activities and specific site needs. AviAway offers a range of solutions designed to address these challenges.

Whether dealing with migratory patterns in the Northwest or territorial behaviors in the Southeast, AviAway’s products ensure humane and efficient bird management.

For more information on bird control solutions, visit AviAway’s website and explore their comprehensive range of products to keep your property bird-free.



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