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Facts about the Rock Pigeon

Columbidae Livia

Pigeon Standing Alone
Rock Pigeon




Approx. 6 years


Length: 11-13 inch. Or 27.94-33.02 cm

Weight: 11-23 oz. Or 311.8-652 g

Wingspan: 20-26 inch. Or 50.8-66.04 cm


Rock pigeon boasts vibrant feathers, with hues of iridescent green, bronze, and purple. Its wings feature black bars and a black band adorns its tail. Additionally, it sports a white rump patch and stands with red feet.

Fun Facts:

  • It is believed pigeons can ‘sense’ the Earth’s magnetic field and use it to find their way back home even when blindfolded.

  • Rock pigeons are depicted on ancient Mesopotamian tablets and Egyptian hieroglyphics

  • Pigeons are so smart they can remember faces of humans that feed them and seek them out when hungry.


Frequently reside in barnyards, parks, and cities. In the wild , these versatile birds typically inhabit cliffs and caves.

U.S. States:

All 50. There are an estimated 8.4 million pigeons in the United States.


Rock Pigeons are scavenging birds, they drink water through their beak like a straw. Rock Pigeons do not migrate and flock in herds. This species breeds rapidly, laying eggs up to 6 times per year.


Seeds, grains and food waste from humans


Effective strategies to remove and keep pigeons away from businesses and property include: Netting, Shock Deterrents, Sound devices and bird spikes. All are available from


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