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Ultrasonic Bird Repellent Devices in the Fight Against Bird Flu

Last week, 250,000 birds were euthanized after an avian flu outbreak in the San Francisco Bay Area. The threat of bird flu looms large over poultry farms, creating a pressing need for effective bird repellent solutions. In this context, the use of ultrasonic waves emerges as a novel technology, capable of repelling small birds that may carry avian influenza. This article explores how ultrasonic bird repellent devices, with their silent yet powerful nature, can play a crucial role in keeping birds at bay and mitigating the risk of bird flu transmission.

birds on conveyor

One of the farms lost an entire yield of 170,000 ducks. At $5.99lb this a loss of over a million dollars in revenue for one of the farms.

According to an article posted in the Journal of Natural Sciences, ultrasonic waves, beyond the range of human hearing, have been proven to be an effective means of repelling birds. The technology involves the generation of ultrasonic waves with automatically varied frequencies, ranging between 15kHz and 25kHz. These waves are then amplified and broadcast at a high enough sound pressure level from an electronic device. The significance of this technology lies in its ability to create a hostile environment for birds without causing harm, making it an ideal solution for bird flu prevention.

Sound devices are an especially effective solution as a means of repelling birds before they roost or nest.

To ensure the efficacy of the ultrasonic bird repellent device you are using makes sure it is a 7.81W model. or a more potent 23.98W model. The 7.98W device produces an ultrasound of 118dB, covering an average distance of 45.02m². Meanwhile, the 23.98W device, with an ultrasound of 123dB, boasts an extended coverage area of 232.26m² when placed at an elevation of 0.78m.

Both version of the products are available on the Aviaway Bird Control Services website.

The ultrasonic waves emitted by these devices create a repulsive environment for pest birds, driving them away from designated locations. Despite the relatively small radius of action, the silent deterrent proves potent in mitigating the risk of bird flu transmission. The hostile environment created by these ultrasonic waves serves as a proactive measure against potential carriers of avian influenza.

Beyond their technical specifications, these ultrasonic bird repellent devices exhibit adaptability to environmental factors. Observations indicate that the waves travel farther with an increase in the power of the gadget. Additionally, the ultrasonic waves demonstrate greater reach on wet days compared to dry days. This adaptability is particularly advantageous for poultry farms, where rain-fed cereal crops flourish during the rainy season. The need for deploying the gadget is more pronounced during such periods, aligning with the natural cycles of bird activity.

For those looking to safeguard larger areas, such as poultry farms, a strategic deployment plan is essential. It is estimated that deploying approximately 5-6 pieces of the 23.98W device is necessary to effectively cover a hectare-sized field. This scalability makes these ultrasonic bird repellent devices a practical and efficient solution for the expansive landscapes of poultry farms, providing a comprehensive defense against potential carriers of bird flu.

As the world grapples with the persistent threat of bird flu, innovative solutions become imperative. Ultrasonic bird repellent devices offer a humane, environmentally friendly, and effective means of preventing the transmission of avian influenza. The silent yet powerful nature of these devices, coupled with their adaptability to environmental factors, positions them as a crucial tool in the arsenal against bird-borne diseases. In the quest for proactive bird flu prevention, these ultrasonic technologies provide a beacon of hope for the poultry industry.

Call 844-247-3373 for prices on sound unit packages.


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