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How Birds Can Damage Crops and What You Can Do to Prevent It 

bird on branch

Birds are friendly creatures that are generally friendly. Crop fields provide a great food source for birds. That consist of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and insects in one location. Birds consume fruits and vegetables during any growth phase. This is a significant issue for farmers trying to nurture a healthy yield. Crops eaten at a premature age by birds are money coming out of a farmer's pocket. 


Farmers have many strategies to protect their crops to deter birds from their fields. Such as bird deterrents and exclusion devices that startle, confuse or block. One of these exclusion systems is bird netting. Bird netting is an exclusion system that closes off areas and access points. The birds cannot reach their desired location and go somewhere else.

Many systems can benefit farmers and crop fields with a bird nuisance. These methods reduce bird damage by improving a crops harvest before the problem. Bird populations become accustomed to these strategies, stay vigilant.


With proper planning and prevention, you can limit pest birds' from damaging crops. 


Please contact AviAway Bird Control Services for all your bird problems and needs. 


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