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How to Handle Bird Problems at Restaurants

Do you own a restaurant, or do you eat out frequently? Either way, you are dealing with birds at a restaurant. Whether it be the outside seating, the entrance, the canopy, or the roof, birds have many potential areas of interest. These birds can be pests as they bother the paying customers, make a mess with garbage and droppings, and cause costly damage to the restaurant. With the potential for such a friendly environment (food, water, shelter), you must be on top of your game to prevent large amounts of bird activity at a restaurant.

Restaurant owners want to avoid dealing with damage and complaints, and restaurant patrons want to avoid being bothered by birds during meals. This is especially prevalent during warm weather, as everyone wants to sit outside. In many places, certain types of birds will flock to particular restaurants to take advantage of the available resources. Some birds seen at restaurants are swallows, pigeons, seagulls, and starlings.

All birds will be attracted by the smell of cooked food or food being outside. The birds may be tempted by the presence of people who might provide them with food scraps either left behind or fed to them. The availability of water for drinking can entice them as well. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that outdoor dining areas or areas where birds can find shelter are kept clean and free of scrap and garbage. Birds tend to avoid open spaces with few hiding places. Restaurants and outdoor seating provide them with ledges, canopies, and structures to nest and lurk. Keeping these outdoor dining areas well-maintained can help to discourage their presence. By following these simple strategies, restaurant owners and patrons can effectively keep pest birds away from customers. This will ensure a safe and pleasant experience, hopefully leading to repeat business in the future.

Birds can be a real nuisance and problem for restaurants. Not only can they steal food from patrons, but they also leave behind droppings and feces that can make outdoor dining areas unsightly and, more importantly, unsafe. In addition to the apparent health risks, birds can also carry parasites that can spread diseases, including bacteria and viruses. Several strategies are available to prevent pest birds from becoming problematic in outdoor dining areas.

So, what are some things that can limit bird activity? Some physical deterrents and exclusion devices can be installed, and some manageable implementations can be put in place to discourage birds.

As a restaurant owner, put signs up and be strict about feeding birds in outside dining areas. If you are a patron, do not feed the birds. Another critical step is to remove any leftover food sources that may attract the birds. Keeping all food and garbage contained in covered garbage cans will limit the exposure to pest birds. Quickly and promptly cleaning any spilled food or crumbs will help to discourage birds from lingering in the area and waiting for a handout.

In terms of installing bird exclusion and deterrent devices, you could go with bird netting, bird spikes, bird wire, AviAngle, or sound units. Each with its ability and uses. For more long-term solutions and prevention, bird netting and AviAngle will prevent birds from accessing and landing in certain areas. With the spikes, wire, and shock track, the birds will be deterred from landing in areas where these deterrents are placed because it will be very uncomfortable. With the sound units, a sound that is unpleasant to the birds will be played at different times and intervals to deter the birds from the area. Please check out our website for product breakdowns to figure out what product or products will work best in your case.

There are multiple solutions to bird problems at restaurants. It is just a matter of figuring out which will work best in your situation. That depends on the quantity and variety of the bird activity. At the end of the day, it is vital to keep them as far away as possible from restaurants.

Don't hesitate to contact AviAway Bird Control Services for all your restaurant bird problems and needs.


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