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What to Do When You Find an Active Bird Nest

Throughout the summer months, finding bird nests scattered around your area is prevalent. These nests are usually active with either eggs or young birds with their parents nearby. Then, when fall rolls around, you will probably see these same nests, but they will be empty. This is when you can clean the area where the nest was located.

When you find an active bird nest, taking appropriate steps to protect the birds is essential. It is advisable to keep a distance from the nest and not disturb it, as this could cause the adult birds to abandon their young. It is best to observe the nest from a distance and avoid direct contact with the birds if possible. Do not interfere with any of activity around the nest if possible. Keep pets away from the nest area, such as dogs and cats. In addition, never interfere with the eggs or young birds in any way. To move a tree or bush with an active bird nest, contact your local wildlife authority. Be sure to inform your family and friends about the presence of a bird nest so that they can also practice caution when near it. Follow these steps to protect our feathered friends and ensure they are safe in their natural habitat.

Make sure the nest is vacant and then clear the nest out. Dispose of it. After the nest is disposed of, sanitize and clean out the nest area. Sanitizartion is an important step to reduce infection risk and bird mite infestations. If you do not feel comfortable, please contact your local bird or pest control company, who will come out and do the cleanup.

Please contact AviAway Bird Control Services for your bird problems and needs.


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