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The Damage and Health Hazards of Bird Droppings on Windows

Windows, almost every structure has them. With windows comes cleaning dust, dirt, hard water, and in some cases.... bird droppings. These bird droppings can cause severe damage to windowpanes. Whether it be a skyscraper or residential home; the chances are very high that bird feces will somehow find their way onto the clean and clear windowpane. Bird droppings not only make windows look dirty and grimy, but they can also cause permanent damage to the glass if left untreated.

This process starts with birds finding a suitable resting place. These birds then sit on ledges and roofs, dropping their feces. These droppings then hit windows and anything beneath them. Ledges, roofs, and parapets provide an ideal location for birds to nest. These locations provide a stable, comfortable surface and a great point of view to see things from above.

While the droppings are visually unappealing, they also have a high acidity content. This high acidity can corrode glass surfaces if left untreated. They can also permanently stain the glass surface. The glass panes nor the metal window frames can handle the droppings' high acidity content. As well as being difficult to remove, bird droppings can be a health hazard. These feces can contain different bacteria and parasites that have the potential to spread diseases. If the droppings become airborne, there is potential for a quicker spread of anything they contain. This foul-smelling residue also attracts other birds, creating a cycle of recurring messes requiring frequent cleaning. Without preventive measures, you could spend thousands of dollars on constant cleaning.

By properly planning, you can limit the damage caused by bird droppings. It is wise to clean away bird droppings regularly. You should also consider different prevention methods to keep the birds from roosting and nesting near your windows. With these actions, you can keep your windows clean, sanitized, and free from any diseases in bird droppings. Your windows will also look much more unblemished.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to limit bird activity near your windows. Various bird deterrent and exclusion devices can be used to resolve problems. Some options include bird netting, wire, steel mesh, spikes, or sound units. Installing wire mesh or bird netting around the outside edges of a window frame can work as an exclusion device because it will keep the birds out of that area. Bird spikes and wire can be placed on ledges and parapets, making it difficult for birds to land. With these in place, it will be much more difficult for the birds to nest. Sound units can also be installed; they emit ultrasonic sounds when birds are nearby. These sounds emit unpleasant sounds to the birds and scare them away the birds without being heard by humans. These different options will make it difficult for birds to get near your windows, significantly reducing the risk of having to clean up any mess. Please review our website for more information about these deterrent and exclusion devices.

Following these different methods can keep your windows looking new and fresh for years.

Please get in touch with AviAway Bird Control Services by calling us at 844-247-3373 or filling out our online form for a free consultation and quote.


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