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How to Solve Bird-Related Problems at Grocery Stores

Bird in Store
Bird in Store

People expect a clean and sanitary environment when they enter the grocery store, not an environment with bird feces and feathers.

Not just outside on canopies and roofs, birds also get stuck inside stores. This leads to multiple problems within and outside the store. These pest birds make it difficult for customers to shop, potentially making it an unpleasant experience, leading to future losses in customers and sales.

A bird presence results in damaged goods, droppings, and disturbances to customers. With so much food and garbage around, birds view this as an ideal place to get food.... similar to humans.

Problems mount up fast with birds. Their droppings create health hazards, and in a food store, this can lead to contaminated and unsellable goods. Overtime bird droppings become dangerous when left unclean. Pathogens become airborne, that affects produce. Feces can carrying bacteria and viruses are life threatening. Not to mention this is also a big red flag for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). An inspection from the FDA when there are bird droppings outside or inside the store can be devastating. The FDA can close stores due to these violations.

The same occurs outside, with ledges, roofs, and sidewalks covered with droppings. All of these will need to be constantly cleaned and maintained.

Removal and prevention are possible. AviAway provides live removal as an option for bird pests, when they are inside the store. When birds are loose flying around the store, they are challenging to stop otherwise.

Exclusion and deterrent devices may be necessary depending on the situation outside the store. These devices will. prevent this problem from occurring in the future.

Bird Netting, Bird Spikes, Grid Wire Systems, or Ultrasonic Sound Units are some of the most popular and effective methods for bird pests.

  1. Bird Netting closes off access points and areas so the birds can't reach their desired location.

  2. Bird Spikes sit on ledges and in hard-to-reach places where birds like to nest.

  3. With the Grid Wire, if there is a flat roof, this system prevents birds from landing on the roof.

  4. Finally, with the Ultrasonic Sound Units, they emit sounds that scare away the birds, with the goal and them not wanting to return to that location with the sound.

Don't let pest birds take control of your grocery store. Plan and prevent pest birds and their nuisance behavior. Grocery store owners and patrons need to understand the dangers of birds around the store and that prevention is possible.

Contact AviAway Bird Control Services for all your pest birds' needs and problems.


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