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Mitigate Bird Migration Mishaps

People watching bird migrations
Migrating Birds

As the annual migration season unfolds, millions of birds embark on epic journeys across the United States.

An estimated 450 million birds will pass through Louisiana alone. It's imperative that residents across the entire nation join forces to protect these avian travelers. The National Audubon Society, at the forefront of conservation efforts, spearheads initiatives to mitigate the risks migratory birds face, particularly during their nocturnal travels.

The nocturnal nature of bird migration poses unique challenges. Dark skies provide essential cues for navigation, allowing birds to utilize celestial bodies like the moon and stars while avoiding predators and benefiting from calmer air currents. However, artificial lights can disrupt this delicate balance, leading to fatal collisions with buildings and windows. If birds are already interfering with your home or business AviAway offers special services to remove and prevent these birds from returning.

Individuals and Organizations:

  1. Turn off Non-essential Lights: From 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. during migration periods. Light attract birds who are seeking the morning sunlight.

  2. Mind Your Landscape Lighting: Avoid illuminating trees or gardens where birds may rest during their journey.

  3. Optimize Essential Lighting: For security and safety lighting, make adjustments to minimize light pollution:

  • Direct lights downwards.

  • Use shields to prevent upward glare.

  • Employ motion detectors for efficient use.

  1. Control Indoor Lighting: Close blinds at night to reduce light seen through windows, minimizing potential disorientation for passing birds.

Building Owners/Managers:

  1. Adjust Custodial Schedules: Ensure cleaning tasks are completed by 11:00 p.m., allowing lights to be turned off promptly.

  2. Implement Dark Skies-friendly Practices: Dim or turn off various lighting elements, including exterior, lobby, and perimeter lights, as well as floodlights and lights emitting blue-rich white light.

  3. Choose Bird-friendly Lighting: Opt for warm-white or filtered LEDs with color temperatures below 3000 K, reducing the impact on migratory birds while maintaining safety and visibility.

Residents and businesses nationwide are urged to adhere to these guidelines, especially during peak migration periods between April 15 and May 31. By collectively dimming our lights, we can provide safer passage for the countless birds journeying through our skies.

For another questions contact bird control professionals at 844-247-3373.


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