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How to Prevent Birds from Nesting Under Solar Panels

Solar panels are attractive to birds for several reasons. The gap between the panel and the roof is ideal for birds like pigeons to make nests. The panels themselves also provide shelter from the weather. If birds start making nests in this space, they will come back year after year and leave droppings all over the panels.

So, what's the best way to prevent birds from nesting under solar panels?

There are a few methods to prevent bird damage to solar panels. The first is wire-based bird meshing. Bird meshing goes around the edges of solar panels and blocks birds from building nests under the panels. This also blocks other pests like squirrels from entering under the panels.

Bird netting is another option for solar panel protection. Bird netting can be applied in a couple of different ways. It can go between the panels and the roof, blocking birds from nesting under solar panels, similar to wire bird mesh. Or it can be applied to cover the entirety of the solar panel apparatus, blocking birds from accessing the solar panels in any capacity.

Ledge modification can be used in addition to bird mesh or bird netting to prevent birds from accessing your solar panels. Solar panels are often placed on roofs, where birds can still perch and fly around, even if the panels themselves are blocked by mesh or netting.

Perching birds leads to bird droppings all over your solar panels, which you will have to clean, and increases the likelihood birds will fly into the panels themselves and get hurt or die.

Bird spikes are a ledge modification device placed on ledges to prevent birds from being able to land. Bird spikes work best on medium-sized birds like blackbirds, pigeons, or starlings.

Spikes do not hurt the birds in any way but prevent them from being able to land or perch.

Another ledge modification option is bird wire. Bird wire is similar to spikes in that it blocks birds from perching on ledges and surfaces. The wire goes across the length of a surface so that birds can't land. This is often used for seagulls among other birds. People sometimes find bird wire more aesthetically pleasing than bird spikes.

Electric shock tracks are a third option if birds are perching near your solar panels. These tracks are installed on any surface birds are landing on and give off a small electric shock when birds attempt to land. Over time birds stop landing on surfaces with electric shock tracks. The tracks do not hurt or kill the birds, but give them enough of a shock to motivate them to find somewhere else to perch.

Summary: The best way to prevent birds from nesting under your solar panels is to install wire-based bird mesh or bird netting between the panels and the ground.

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