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How to Stop Birds from Building a Nest

Birds are a pain when they are in a flock, but once they start nesting, that's when the trouble really begins. Birds that take over a nesting grounds are more invested in an area than birds just flocking or perching. They are less likely to leave using deterrence methods and are sure to multiply as soon as the eggs hatch.

Depending on the species, it is also likely illegal to interfere with the live bird nest. The trouble compounds when you take into consideration that many bird species prefer to build their nests in the same place year after year.

birds nesting

So, what's the best way to stop birds from building a nest?

The first thing you should determine is what species of bird you are dealing with. For most species, besides common pigeons, starlings, and house sparrows, it is illegal to move a live nest in North America.

Even if you are dealing with one of those three species, we do not recommend moving a live nest yourself for the risk of territorial birds and the possible spread of disease.

The type of species you are dealing with will determine when those birds start nesting. Most birds nest in the spring, from February to April. Therefore if you want to prevent birds from nesting this season, it is best to start early before they get a chance to build their nests. Try to install deterrence methods in the fall or the winter, before the dawn of the next nesting season.

Once the birds are nesting, you generally cannot interfere with a live nest. If a live nest is a problem, our recommendation is to hire a bird control company to assess the site and see what can be done. This is especially true if the nest is causing an immediate problem, such as posing a fire hazard.

If the live nest is not a problem of immediate concern, most bird species will hatch and leave the nest within a couple of weeks.

The next step is to install bird deterrence and exclusion methods. Most bird species like to nest in covered places like in chimneys, under trash compactors, under solar panels, and in small, compact places where the nest is hidden from predators and protected from the weather.

To block birds from building nests in these locations, you should install bird netting or another bird exclusion method to keep birds away. Bird netting is usually our top bird exclusion method. It excludes birds with 100% effectiveness, lasts 20+ years, and will endure any weather situation.

Bird netting can be installed in any crevice or area where birds make nests. We often install it in the rafters of canopies and warehouses to prevent birds from flying in and building their nests in the rafters. It can also be used to block out birds from underneath solar panels and any other crevice-like area that birds may nest.

Bird netting is available at hardware stores like the Home Depot or you can hire a bird control company to install it for you.

gazebo bird netting

Another way to stop birds from building a nest, if they have not already done so, is to remove bird nesting material. Depending on the species, birds will often use hay, twigs, and dry leaves to construct their nest. If you can get rid of these materials, which we admit is not always possible, birds will not have the material to construct their nest in the first place.

If birds are already nesting, bird exclusion methods like bird netting are the only solutions that will truly work to get rid of birds. If they are already nesting, bird deterrence methods like bird spikes, bird wire, or sound deterrence will not get them to leave.

If birds are not already nesting, bird deterrence methods can also be installed to prevent them from landing on perches or ledges or congregating in unwanted places.

Summary: The first step is to figure out what species is nesting and what season they make their nests. For most species, this is in the spring. If it's currently fall or winter, for most species, you have a prime opportunity to install bird exclusion methods.

Next, install bird netting to block off nesting areas. If birds are already nesting, wait a couple of weeks for the younglings to hatch and leave the nest, then install bird netting once they are gone. If it's possible, remove bird nesting materials like dry leaves and twigs to prevent birds from being able to make nests.

Benefits of Stopping Birds from Building a Nest:

  • Keep Out Nesting Birds

  • Less Bird Droppings

  • Remove Bird-Borne Disease Risk

  • Remove Fire Hazard Risk

  • Cleaner Looking Property

If you have a bird problem, we can help. AviAway professionally installs bird control solutions for all bird species. We have 30+ years of experience in bird control and have performed work for companies like Amazon, Rite Aid, and the U.S. Postal Service. Click here or call 844-247-3373 to request a free bird control quote.


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