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Determining Bird Control system new construction

Determining the correct Bird Control system for your local bird problem, you should consider the following:


  • Is this a new construction project that does not currently have a bird problem, but the construction plans or project specifications call for certain bird control products to be installed?​

  • For new construction projects, the construction plans and specifications will typically provide the details necessary to determine the project's scope and what bird products are to be installed.  In most cases, the selected bird product manufacture will provide acceptable installation methods for the bird product specified to be installed.  Installation of bird spikes, bird netting, bird wire, electrified shock track, or ledge exclusion (AviAngle) are the typical bird control products that will be specified as a Division 10 specialty bird control.

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Determining Bird Control system existing problem

  • Are you currently having a bird problem creating a mess with bird droppings and nesting materials at an existing structure, home, or building?

  • The next question to ask is whether the birds have nested or are just landing/roosting on the building, canopy, deck railings, rooftop, parking garage, parapet, knee wall, or related areas?

  • If the birds have been a problem for a while, the birds will have typically already nested at the site.  Nesting can be determined if evidence of eggs, heavy nesting materials (bird droppings or straw-like nests) in concentration.  Once birds have nested, you should only use bird exclusion-based products to resolve the bird problem.  Bird exclusion products such as bird netting and ledge exclusion (AviAngle) are the only products that will ultimately fix and remove your pest bird problem.  You only want to use bird exclusion-based products because if the birds have previously nested and you install a landing bird deterrent product, for example, bird spikes, the birds will just land on top of the bird spike landing deterrent.  Once nesting has occurred, bird deterrent-based products will typically NOT work.

  • Whereas if the pest birds have NOT nested, then traditional bird landing deterrent products can be utilized.  Typical bird deterrent products can include bird spikes, bird wire, sound units, visual deterrents, or electrified shock track.  These are landing based deterrent products that are designed to deter most pest bird species such as pigeons, seagulls, and sparrows from landing on ledge-based areas such as building ledges, pipes, beams, roof ridges, parapets, knee walls, façade sign letters, sign raceways, rooftops, HVAC equipment, and related types of areas. 

  • Next, what is the bird species that you are having a problem with?  Certain bird products are only useful for certain bird species.  For example, if you have a problem with sparrows, you don't want to install bird spikes because the spike rods will allow the sparrows to interlace nesting materials within the bird spikes, which will only make the sparrow problem worse!  However, if you are having trouble with pigeons and they have not nested, bird spikes could be a good bird solution to deter the pigeons from landing.  Now let's say you are having a problem with seagulls, bird spikes may work in some cases, but seagulls are a much larger bird and may bend the bird spike rods.  Rather than bird spikes for seagulls, you may want to use a shock track electrified system to deter the seagulls from landing on ledges or a grid wire system to prevent the seagulls from landing on the ledges, parapets, knee walls, or rooftops. 

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