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Complete bird control solutions
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We can solve any bird problem

AviAway offers bird control services to rid your home or business of all pest birds. Our bird control experts will perform an inspection and then provide you with personalized solutions based on the type and severity of your problem in order to eliminate birds completely and stop the issue from happening again! 

Call AviAway today to perform a bird control inspection and eliminate your bird problem permanently.

Bird Species ID

Our experts get the job done right the first time

A seagull problem is different from a vulture problem. Every pest bird has different control methods for excluding the target bird. Some bird control methods, like bird netting, work for all types of pest birds regardless of the size of the bird or its habitat. Other bird control methods require knowing what bird species we are dealing with in determining an action plan and control method. Our bird control experts can determine the exact species you are dealing with and the best ways to exclude those birds.



Knowing what species of pest bird we are dealing with helps save the client money. While exclusion-based products will correct every bird problem in a commercial or residential building, these methods are also the most costly. Suppose a client is only having issues with seagulls. In that case, a budget-friendly bird control method like bird wire or sound deterrents solves the problem with equal efficiency. 

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While evaluating each bird problem, species is an important factor, as larger or flocking birds are going to require different control methods than smaller species. Bird spikes in particular could cause a bird problem to escalate if this isn't evaluated, as smaller species can nest more easily between bird spikes, turning what was supposed to be a bird deterrent into an advantage for them!



Certain species, like grackles or starlings, are similar in size and appearance, but their behavior towards bird control is very different. Starlings can often be controlled with more basic methods, while grackles are too intelligent for certain methods like scare tactics to work on their own. In these cases, a more specific or in-depth control method may be needed.

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Effective bird deterrent systems for all industries

It is essential to know the specific steps we must take at each project to ensure the lifelong integrity of the bird deterrent without risk to structures. AviAway offers penetrating and non-penetrating substrate solutions and solutions for all specific project needs. We are here for you. 

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The AviAway Advantage

Our experts will eliminate your bird problem the first time around. 



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Your trusted name in bird control solutions

We are experienced and certified to provide bird control services throughout various industries, spanning from residential to historical to construction sites. Whether you need to prevent birds from nesting under solar panels or keep them away from a pier or marina, we are here for you. When looking for someone to assist with