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Bird Species Identification


Different Birds, Different Solutions

Each region of the United States has different pest bird species. The above list contains the main pest bird species found across the country that most commonly cause commercial and residential structure problems. Every pest bird will have different control methods in terms of deterring or excluding the target pest bird. Some bird control methods, like bird netting, will work for all pest bird types regardless of the size of the bird or the region in which the bird control gets installed. For other control methods or bird deterrents, knowing what kind of bird species is causing the problem is crucial in determining an action plan and control method. 

Size Matters

Some bird species, such as turkey vultures, pigeons, and geese, have the commonality of their large size and traveling in flocks. We would consider targeting these types of birds differently than we would smaller birds, as bird spikes would work for the aforementioned larger birds. Yet, birds like the grackle or sparrow, due to their small size, can land and build nests between the spikes, turning what was supposed to be a bird deterrent into an advantage for them!

How Smart Can They Be?

Even between smaller species like the starlings and grackle, different control methods are more effective for each. While both can be detrimental to a farm owner’s crops, we can deal with starlings by installing either a sound unit or a visual scare device. On the other hand, Grackles are very intelligent birds and can catch on quickly if we use only one type of scare tactic. This species needs specific sound units installed, coupled with a different type of deterrent depending on the location, such as taste deterrents, tension wire systems, or electrified track systems. 


Saving Our Clients Resources

Knowing what species of pest bird we are dealing with also helps save the client money in some circumstances. While modification to ledges and installing bird netting corrects every pest bird infestation to a commercial or residential building, these bird control methods are also expensive. Suppose a client is only having issues with seagulls. In that case, a less costly bird control method like bird wire or sound deterrents solves the problem just as effectively. 


Call AviAway to perform a bird control inspection and determine the correct solution to your pest bird problems. The sooner pest bird problems get resolved, the easier it is to keep them away.

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Bird Control Service Solutions

AviAway Bird Control Services provides a variety of bird control services to help solve all your pest bird problems.  Our services include installation of bird netting, bird spikes, bird tension wire, seagull rooftop grid wire control systems, electrified shock track systems, AviAngle ledge protection, pond netting, aggressive harvesting, sound units, ultrasonic units, bird gels, gel cups, mist-netting, trapping, live capture programs, solar wire protection, and custom bird deterrent fabrication.

Bird Netting


Bird Deterrent Solar Guard

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Bird Spikes
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Pond Netting

Bird Control Targeting
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AviAngle Ledge Modification
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Other Bird Control
Other Bird Control

Bird Control Systems for New Construction Projects

Whether it's the birds from neighboring buildings or just a bunch of pigeons hanging around on street corners, one thing is for sure: these winged pests need their wings clipped. If you're working on a new construction project, and have been wondering how to keep away the pesky birds from your new building for good--consider the following:

  • Is there an existing bird problem that you need to address?


  • Does the new construction project specify the installation of certain bird control products?

  • The construction plans and specifications will typically provide all of the necessary details for new constriction projects to determine the scope of work and what bird products are to be installed. 

  • In most cases, the manufacturer of the specified bird product will provide the acceptable installation methods for the bird product specified to be installed. 

  • Installation of bird spikes, bird netting, bird wire, electrified shock track, or ledge exclusion (AviAngle) are typical bird control products that will be specified as Division 10 Bird Control 10 81 13  Bird Control Devices.

Bird Control Systems for Existing Problems

Nesting and roosting are two major factors when determining the correct Bird Control System for an existing bird problem. To know what to do, you should first check if they're nesting or roosting on your property! Common areas you will notice pest birds include the canopy, deck railings, rooftop, parking garage, parapet, knee wall, and related areas.

Nesting is most often a sign of territoriality from birds looking to claim their territory as theirs alone and makes it incredibly difficult to remove the birds. Bird roosting may be caused by many different things: food sources near the house attracting pest birds, droppings accumulating in gutters creating a strong scent (and attractive place) where more pests will come into contact with them, etc. Either way both need immediate attention before they escalate further.

Nesting Behaviors & Solutions:

  • If birds have been a problem for a while, they will have typically already nested at the site.

  • Nesting can be determined if there is evidence of eggs or heavy nesting materials (bird droppings or straw-like nests) in concentration. 


  • Once birds have nested, you should only use bird exclusion-based products to resolve the bird problem. 

  • Bird exclusion products such as bird netting and ledge exclusion (AviAngle) are the only products that will ultimately fix and remove your pest bird problem.  You only want to use bird exclusion-based products because if the birds have previously nested and you install a landing bird deterrent product, for example, bird spikes, the birds will just land on top of the bird spike landing deterrent. 

Once nesting has occurred, bird deterrent-based products will typically NOT work.

Roosting / Landing Solutions

  •  pipes

  •  beams

  •  roof ridges

  •  parapets

  •  knee walls

  • If the pest birds have NOT nested, traditional bird deterrent-based products can be utilized. 


  • Typical bird deterrent products can include bird spikes, bird wire, sound units, visual deterrents, and electrified shock tracks.  These are landing-based deterrent products that are designed to deter most pest bird species such as pigeons, seagulls, and sparrows from landing in various areas.

  • Common bird landing areas are usually ledge-based areas, such as:

  • building ledges

  •  façade sign letters

  •  sign raceways

  •  rooftops

  •  HVAC equipment

  •  other related areas. 

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