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Bird Exclusion Netting

Bird netting is an exclusion method of bird control.  Bird netting is intended to be installed on buildings, loading docks, warehouses, airport hangers, transportation facilities, barns, food silos, over building exteriors, balconies, parking garages, rooftops, HVAC units, bridges, agricultural crop applications, ponds, and any other surface that netting hardware can be installed.  Bird netting will exclude pigeons, sparrows, starlings, seagulls, crows, and other pest birds. 

Bird exclusion netting will prevent birds from gaining entry above any areas that are netted off.  It excludes pest birds from roosting and nesting.  

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There are various types of netting and mesh sizes.  When selecting the type of netting and mesh size, it is critical to both the target pest bird and where the netting in being installed.  If either of these two factors are not considered, the netting may not exclude the pest birds as intended. 

For our netting projects, we utilize heavy duty high density polyethylene twine netting that is resistant to ultraviolet rays from the sun.  The netting doesn’t absorb moisture so it will maintain its original weight.  All of the netting hardware that is installed is stainless steel.  Our bird exclusion netting systems are designed to enclose as many ledges, pipes and landing surfaces as possible.  In any areas where access is needed above the netting, marine grade zippers are installed to allow access points above netting.  Depending upon the site conditions, the target pest bird and budget, there are various netting options when developing a bird netting design.  

Aviaway installs bird netting for new construction Division 10 Specialties 10290 bird control and (CSI Format) 10 81 13 specification bird control.

Bird Spikes Landing Deterrent 

Depending upon how severe your bird problem is, what type of bird you are trying to deter, type of surface the bird spikes are going to be installed on and branding concerns, bird spikes may be the appropriate deterrent control for your bird problem. 

Bird spikes work by deterring birds from having an easy landing point on flat ledge surfaces.  As a bird lands, it wings go from open to closed and as its feet hit the ledge the bird spike rods that slightly overhang the ledge surface interfere with the bird’s ability to close its wings and deters the birds from the treated areas. 

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Bird spikes come in various sizes and type of material.  Typically, bird spikes come in narrow, wide and extra wide depending upon the surface area treating.  In some cases, you may need to install multiple rows of bird spikes to deter the birds.  Bird spike can be entirely stainless steel, entirely plastic or a combination of a plastic base and stainless rods.  There are various pro and cons of the construction type depending upon the application specifics. 

Bird spikes can be used on ledges, window sills, window air condition units, fences, railings, beams, roof lines, vent stacks, signs, pilings, lighting fixtures, under eaves or awnings, and other similar areas. 

Bird spikes can be used to deter pigeons, sea gulls and crows.  Note that if the bird is very large like a sea gull or turkey vulture, the birds’ weight can bend the spikes and prevent them from working.

Tension Wire Landing Deterrent

Tension Wire is a type of bird deterrent system.  It is designed to deter larger birds like pigeons, crows and sea gulls from landing and gaining a foothold on the surface.  The wire and post system creates barrier deterring the birds from trying to gain a foothold on the landing surface.  Tension Wire should not be used for smaller birds like starling or sparrows because these birds are too small and will typically still be able to land below the wire.  In some cases a tension wire modified and in combination with other control methods can be used for smaller birds.  It is important to note that every application will vary depending upon the type of structure, bird population, budget and visual ascetic concerns.

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Tension Wire bird control deterrent is a good treatment method for historical buildings and areas to create low visual impact.  A tension wire system leaves a low visual footprint and in most cases, if installed correctly, will be hard to see from untrained eye.

Tension Wire can be mounted in a variety of ways depending upon the surface areas to be treated.  Posts and bases can be mounted separately, posts come pre-mounted on various shaped brackets and there is even glue on bases if you don’t want to penetrate the surface.  In most cases, the posts are made out of stainless steel.  There is a wide variety of base type ranging from nylon anchors, stainless steel brackets/base and plastic glue on bases.

If you are looking for a low profile bird deterrent to control larger birds and the bird pressure is not too heavy, Tension Wire may be a good option.  

Electrified Shock Track Landing Deterrent

Depending upon the area and surface to be treated, electrified bird shock track systems are a good bird deterrent system.  The shock system is low profile and can be mounted on various types of surfaces.  For example, on parapet walls, ledges, facade sings (sign raceways), and other types of surfaces.  Most systems come in various colors and power source options.

Once the system is in place and the birds have been shocked a few times, the birds become conditioned not to land on the treated areas and will be deterred.  Every bird control application will vary depending upon the type of structure, bird population, budget and visual ascetic concerns.

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Electrified Shock Track System is a good bird control deterrent method for historical buildings and areas where want to create low visual impact.  

AviAngle Ledge Exclusion

For ledges (90-degree), typically found in parking garages, billboards, I-beams, bridges, overpasses, and similar structures, the best way to exclude pest birds and wildlife if AviAngle AviAngle combines an ultraviolet PCV with a smooth surface on a 45-degree angle to excludes all wildlife and pest birds from ledges.  This product EXCLUDES all pest birds, rather than deterring them from landing.  AviAngle provides 100% bird exclusion.  

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Additional Bird Control Services

In addition to the conventional bird control, deterrent, and exclusion methods, there are additional control options that may be appropriate for your bird control project:

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